Freeport Kickstarter Updates Galore!

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Two new updates for the Freeport Kickstarter today!

Freeport: The City of Adventure is shaping up to have at least 150 pages of new material. We’ve heard from a lot of folks who want more frosting on their Freeport cake, though, and who are we to argue?

We are pleased to announce Return to Freeport, a brand new adventure series that will be released in six parts over 2014. The format will be similar to our Mutants & Masterminds adventure series, Emerald City Knights. Every other month starting in February, we’ll release a new chapter of Return to Freeport in PDF format. Each will be about 20 pages and retail for $3.99. The first chapter will be for 3rd level characters and it will scale up from there as the PCs gain xp.

If you back the Kickstarter for $30 or more, you will get all six chapters of Return to Freeport for FREE!

Confirmed authors right now are Steve Kenson (Mutants & Masterminds, Pathfinder Game Mastery Guide), Stephen Radney-Macfarland (Pathfinder Advanced Player’s Guide and Ultimate Combat), and Chris Pramas (Dragon Age RPG, Pathfinder Chronicles: Guide to the River Kingdoms). We will announce the remaining three as they come on board.

In response to your commentary, we’ve also added three new reward levels. We’ve also opened up 5 more slots of the Barroom Hero, so hurry if you want to name your own bar in Freeport!

The new reward levels are:

Pledge $80 or more

SCURVYTOWN SPECIAL: This is for those who want the book and nothing but the book. You get a print and PDF copy of Freeport: The City of Adventure Third Edition and no other rewards. Add $30 for international shipping, or $15 if you are in Canada.

Pledge $115 or more

CANUCK PIRATE: This is a special level for Canadian backers. You get the same rewards as Freeport Pirate, but shipped to Canada for half the usual international shipping rate. You are encouraged but not required to buy Chris Pramas poutine if you see him in Canada.

Pledge $200 or more

PIRATE CAPTAIN: As Freeport Pirate, but you get to name one of the pirate captains that calls Freeport home and name his or her ship as well! These will be listed in the final book. Names are subject to our approval. Limit of 15 backers.

Also recently added:

Hero Lab Support for Freeport!

Degenerate Serpentman Promo Mini!

Thanks for your support. Now who wants to be a pirate captain?