(Real-Life) Tales of Freeport

The bosses are away in Vegas for the GAMA Trade Show this week, but Chris left us with a true tale of Freeport, from a fun campaign he ran for some of us longer ago than I care to think about. (Apparently it’s all fun, because time is flying!)

While they’re away, we would love it if you would share your real-life Tales of Freeport, in our forum or a different forum, on your blog, or on Tumblr or Facebook, linked to the Kickstarter page [http://kck.st/Z3Gu3l]. Or, you can place your story in the comments of the Kickstarter campaign. (Of course, to do that you’ll have to be a backer first. Go ahead! That’s fun, too!)

So c’mon, matey! Tell us your Tales of Freeport!


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