Press Release: George R.R. Martin and Green Ronin Team Up Again


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Popular Characters from the Wild Cards Novels Are Now Available for the Mutants & Masterminds Roleplaying Game

SEATTLE May 22, 2013 — Green Ronin Publishing, in cooperation with George R.R. Martin, the long-time editor, and John Jos. Miller, one of the “Wild Card Consortium” of authors, is producing a new twice monthly series called SCARE Sheets for the Mutants & Masterminds superhero roleplaying game. The PDFs of this new series spotlight the characters of the Wild Cards “Committee Triad” of books: Inside Straight, Busted Flush, and Suicide Kings.

Each entry in the series is formatted as a profile from SCARE: The governmental organization in charge of wild cards in the alternate United States of the books. The series covers members of the Committee, their various adversaries, and neutral or unaligned parties.

The original Wild Cards sourcebook for the second edition of Mutants & Masterminds covered the classic series of books. Now SCARE Sheets offers the opportunity to cover wild cards from the new books, as well as updating the setting for the third edition of M&M (also used in the DC Adventures RPG).

"The first thing we did was release a free preview with conversion notes for the third edition," says M&M Developer Jon Leitheusser. &quotYou can get a sense there how easy it is to use previous edition material with the current game." A new SCARE Sheet is released every two weeks, alternating with the new Gadget Guides series for M&M.

Like the Wild Cards sourcebook, primary writing on the SCARE Sheets is the work of John Jos. Miller, long-time creator and contributor to the Wild Cards series. Mutants & Masterminds designer Steve Kenson provides the game information and notes that go with each profile.

"The Wild Cards universe is complex and always changing," Miller commented, "so much so that even the authors sometimes have trouble keeping up with developments. I wrote these SCARE Sheets so that the writers themselves, fans of the series, and gamers would all find them useful and entertaining."

"I initially wondered how the game system would handle some of the more novel Committee characters," Kenson says, "but, in the end, it was fairly easy working out the game stats for each one within the parameters we set for the series. They really offer a different take on super-powers and ways you can use the M&M system for some non-traditional settings outside of the four-color comics."

SCARE Sheets is planned for a 22 installment run. If the series does well, it may lead to additional Wild Cards support for the game. There are currently six SCARE Sheets available, including two free PDFs. The first includes information on the Committee and the second is the newest SCARE Sheet featuring Drummer Boy, the rock star joker-ace who first appeared in Inside Straight.

Wild Cards SCARE Sheets