Mutants & Masterminds First Appearances: Blindspot and Massive Defender

As part of the Kickstarter for the Deluxe Hero’s Handbook, we created ten slots for a level named "First Appearance." For signing on at that level, each of the backers was able to send us a character which we’d post online to show off to the M&M-loving public. All ten slots sold and this week we’re going to present the characters, two per day*, as PDFs for you to download and enjoy.

Each character includes their game stats along with history, personality, powers and abilities, and a logo created specially for them by 1st edition M&M graphic designer Sean Glenn!

So, come back every day this week for two new, free characters submitted by some of our fantastic fans.

Today we present Matthew Wang’s spy-hero Blindspot, and Ethan Parker’s ode to Silver Age powerhouses, Massive Defender!

First Appearances 1: Blindspot and Massive Defender

* Or maybe four, depending on the day. It’s the new math.