Green Ronin Online Store: Scratch & Dent Sale

We have started up a Scratch & Dent Sale page in our Green Ronin Online Store. Here you can find products that show wear and tear but are perfectly functional. Some products, like The Black Company Campaign Setting (a licensed setting for the d20 System set in Glen Cook’s Black Company novels) are long out of print. The Dragon Age boxed sets you’ll find on the sale page have boxes that have taken somewhat of a beating but whose contents should be in good shape. With Set 2 being out of print at the moment, this is a great (and affordable) way to get the books in print.

Go Scratch & Dent and save!


  • Evan Sass

    Evan (he/him) got his start in tabletop games in 1995, as a co-founder of Rubicon Games. Among other tabletop games, he worked on Cranium, Cranium Hullabaloo, and the Pokémon trading card game. RPGs he has edited for include Everway, Ork! The Roleplaying Game, Spaceship Zero, Warhammer Fantasy second edition, the d20 System, A Song of Ice and Fire, Mutants & Masterminds, Dragon Age, Fantasy AGE, Modern AGE, Blue Rose, Pathfinder, Critical Role (5e), and The Expanse RPG. He has been managing our web sites since about 2002. He co-designed Walk the Plank, our card game of piratical trick taking, currently available in print-on-demand format via