Ronin Round Table: Emerald City Update

As we head into the holiday break, I have some news that I hope will be met with the understanding and generosity of spirit that is part of the season. It’s about Emerald City, the long-awaited supplement for Mutants & Masterminds that details Freedom City’s west coast counterpart.

When we originally announced this book, it was going to be a single volume hardback. We later decided to change the format and make it a slipcase with three books and a poster map. When we made that decision, we looked into the financials of that format and it seemed workable. It’d be a little more expensive than doing a single hardback but not excessively so.

Two years ago when we started this journey the available options were different, not to mention much cheaper. Our original supplier can no longer meet the price for the project, nor can any of other other suppliers come close. The book had an unusually long period of development and while that was great for making the content shine, it was not good from a production standpoint.

The upshot is this. The best price we’ve been able to find to print Emerald City in the slipcase format we wanted is $16,000 more expensive than doing a hardback book. While we are willing to spend some extra money to make a product shine, $16K is just untenable. It is with reluctance that I must now announce that Emerald City is returning to the hardback format. It will still be divided up into three sections, but it’ll all be in one volume. The poster map will be glued in the back (and that glue will be easily removed). The MSRP will be the same.

We know that many of you pre-ordered the slipcase from us already and we’re sorry to do a format change at the last minute. By way of apology, we’re sending everyone who pre-ordered through the Green Ronin Online Store a $10 coupon for your next purchase.

The content of Emerald City is unchanged. It’s still a kickass setting for your M&M campaign. It’s just the format that’s changing a bit.

Thanks for your understanding, and happy holidays.

Chris Pramas
Green Ronin Publishing