Two New M&M PDFs: Western Europe Atlas and Doctor Tectonic Rogues Gallery

It’s two-fer, um, Wednesday at Green Ronin today. We have two new Mutants & Masterminds PDFs available now.

Atlas of Earth-Prime: Western Europe (PDF)Atlas of Earth-Prime: Western Europe

This $1.99 PDF for Mutants & Masterminds adds Spain, Portugal, and France to the Atlas of Earth-Prime. Includes write-ups and Hero Lab files for four foes or allies: Sugaar, el Monóculo, Freerunner, and Tarasque.



Rogues Gallery: Doctor Tectonic (PDF)Rogues Gallery: Doctor Tectonic

Once a good man interested only in exploring and understanding the world, the man who would become Doctor Tectonic was driven insane by nanobots he used to explore Earth’s underground secrets. Now obsessed with cleansing the Earth of the scourge of humanity, Doctor Tectonic is a threat to everyone, everywhere! Just $1.29.