Talent Search Announcement!

Last week as part of my Ronin Roundtable I alluded to some announcements and opportunities at Green Ronin that hadn’t been revealed. Earlier today, Chris gave some more details about the Sentinels of Earth Prime project that we’re sending to Kickstarter in a couple of weeks.

Now it’s my turn to announce another aspect of the project I’m overseeing this year, Lost Citadel Roleplaying: In the lead-up to June’s Kickstarter for the LCRPG, we are going to be running a talent search for women who are interested in coming to work on the project. If you identify as female and dark fantasy is your jam, we want to see what you can bring to the table! Not to worry, fellas, we have some other opportunities for you coming up later in the year, as well, but this talent search is just for the ladies.

Ultimately, one woman will be chosen to write for the Lost Citadel RPG under developer C.A. Suleiman and as part of a paid contract, but it’s my hope that we might find not just one but several new, talented women creatives that we haven’t worked with before at Green Ronin.

We will begin taking submissions on April 17th, and will post the official rules and guidelines for the talent search separately. Meanwhile, read up on the Lost Citadel and get ready!


  • Nicole Lindroos

    Nicole Lindroos entered the game industry in 1989. In that time, she co-founded Adventures Unlimited magazine, served on the board of the Game Manufacturers Association and as the chair of the Academy of Adventure Gaming Art and Design, volunteered both on the advisory committee and as the head of the Origins Awards, and has been an active freelancer for large and small companies alike. Since the year 2000 she has been co-owner and General Manager of Green Ronin Publishing. Her recent projects include contributions to the Dragon Age Tabletop Roleplaying Game and Titansgrave: Ashes of Valakana. She's also the sweetest person you never want to piss off.