Valiant Views: Bloodshot

Bloodshot from Valiant Adventures RPG. Live on Kickstarter now!


While the Valiant Adventures Quickstart gives you a feel for what it is like to play a tabletop RPG set in the Valiant Universe, due to space limits it doesn’t provide character creation info or a deeper look at some of the signature Valiant characters. For some additional previews, we’re looking to do just that, starting with the one-man army known as Bloodshot.

Although Bloodshot is “just” a nano-enhanced human, he’s Power Level 11 because he’s a serious combatant.

In terms of Abilities, Bloodshot is mostly within the human range: His Strength is nigh-superhuman, but nowhere in the class of powerhouses like X-O Manowar. His Stamina, on the other hand, is pretty massive, Rank 10, since enduring and recovering from things is pretty much what Bloodshot does. It made sense to give him high Stamina for all of the things he’d use it for: Resistance Checks (both Fortitude and Toughness) and Recovery Checks. Since Valiant also defaults to a Damage Resistance system where even a successful Toughness Resistance Check results in a slight Damage Condition (a bruise or injury) there was no concern about Bloodshot being too tough. He still takes damage (albeit not as easily as most people) but recovers fast. His Fighting is also right up there at Rank 12, since he’s a masterful soldier and combatant.

In terms of Powers, Bloodshot is host to a colony of advanced nanites, microscopic machines, that rebuild his body and give him some machine-interfacing abilities. His main power is his Nanite Regeneration, and he has a lot of Ranks in it, making Recovery Checks fast! He has a Limit on his Regeneration that the nanites require an infusion of protein after or while rebuilding him. Bloodshot’s other powers are based on ways his nanites can modify his body (his Nanite Morphology) or connect with other machines (his Nanite Networking). Since he was conceived as an anti-psiot weapon, Bloodshot also has Resistance to Psionic Powers, a new mechanic in Valiant which grants a Bonus Die on Resistance Checks against those powers (see the Valiant Adventures Quickstart for details about Bonus and Penalty Dice).

Bloodshot has a number of Advantages, notably All-Out Attack (he often sacrifices defense, knowing he’ll bounce back), Close Attack (giving him a massive +15 attack bonus in close combat), and Ultimate Effort for resisting pain. We could have given Bloodshot a Resistance to Pain power, but Ultimate Effort seemed more in-line with how he handles things in the comics, making it more of a conscious effort and something the player chooses to engage. He also has a hefty amount of Equipment for his usual loadout of weapons.

Bloodshot’s skills are what you’d expect for a highly-trained commando. Although he has a big bonus to Computers Skill Checks, Bloodshot doesn’t himself know much about computers: It’s his nanites doing the work there. He does have some general Electronics and Mechanics Skill. Intimidation is by far his major Interaction Skill!

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