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Will Hindmarch on Canon

For a while, I wrestled with the ways I could handle canon in my home Dragon Age RPG campaign. Canon, of course, refers to the works of an author or setting that are counted as authentic lore—the books, stories, games, and more that interact officially and are regarded as What Really Happened. For a vast […]

Ronin Round Table: Play, Test, Play

If you’re curious, it was reading about Chris & Nicole’s ongoing at-home game night that’s got me wanting to talk about my playtest game night. I get to play a few different games on good weeks. I try to play board games like 7 Wonders or party games like Celebrity with my regular potluck group. […]

Ronin Round Table: A License For A Newer World

Green Ronin’s shogun, Chris Pramas, recently wrote a Ronin Roundtable about licensing in the hobby-gaming business. Developer Jon Leitheusser, of Mutants & Masterminds and DC Adventures fame, followed that up with a post about his licensing experiences. I’m here to talk about the unique circumstances of working on the Dragon Age RPG, which is, of […]

Dragon Age Set 3 Open Playtest

Hi, The day has come. Dragon Age RPG Set 1 was enthusiastically received. Old hands and new tabletop roleplayers leapt at the chance to tell exciting stories of their own in the perilous and compelling world of Thedas. Dragon Age RPG Set 2 got delayed but, following a robust and open playtest process, was released […]

Ronin Round Table: Will Hindmarch

So, here I am, neck deep in manuscripts for the Dragon Age RPG’s third boxed set. We affectionately call it, simply, “Set 3.” Wherever I look, I see new spells and monsters, new player character options, and the shadow cast by still-in-development new mechanics. I can hardly wait to get all this new material into […]

Faces of Thedas: Tallis

Dragon Age developer, Will Hindmarch, here to announce a free bit of DLC for our Dragon Age RPG. It’s Faces of Thedas: Tallis (PDF), featuring an exclusive interview with Felicia Day, writer and star of the web series, Dragon Age: Redemption, plus RPG stats for Tallis, Day’s character from the series and the Dragon Age […]