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Ronin Round Table: Around the World in 20 PDFs

By Jon Leitheusser For the last three years (three!?) Green Ronin has released a weekly series of PDFs for the Mutants & Masterminds game. First were the Threat Reports, followed by the Power Profiles, then the Gadget Guides and Wild Cards SCARE Sheets. Each series has filled a particular niche and served a particular purpose. […]

Ronin Round Table: Interview with McG

Mutants & Masterminds Interviews: Christopher McGlothlin We’ve covered a lot of different topics in our weekly Round Table columns, from new releases and convention appearances to introducing new staff members and information about joining our Freebooter program. This time around, though, I thought it might be nice to talk to one of our freelancers. Freelancers […]

Ronin Round Table: The Great Hero Poll

While some of us have been working hard to get our second Kickstarter campaign going (Freeport: The City of Adventure for the Pathfinder RPG in case you weren’t sure), other Ronin have been working away on the result of our first Kickstarter campaign. Today we have some data to share about the Mutants & Masterminds […]

Ronin Round Table: It’s Alive!

A recent comment over on our Atomic Think Tank forum about how the Power Profiles for Mutants & Masterminds made the commenter feel like he was part of a "living game" got me thinking about the products we put out, the ways their perceived by all of you, and how our philosophy has changed over […]

Ronin Round Table: Jon Leitheusser on Licensing

The Big, Traditional License Chris Pramas, our fearless leader here at Green Ronin, wrote an excellent primer on licensing a few weeks ago. He covered the business side of things and hit most of the high points. This time, I’m here to dig in a little deeper and talk about dealing with a license from […]

Ronin Round Table: Jon Leitheusser

My name’s Jon Leitheusser* and I’m the Developer for Mutants & Masterminds and DC Adventures. I’m here to talk about what a developer does. It’s a little hard to explain because if I’m doing my job correctly, it should be mostly invisible to the outside world. The people who have the best idea of what […]

Mutants & Masterminds Threat Report #29: Death Magnetic

It’s a truly “fatal attraction” in this week’s Threat Report as we revisit a foe from the Prologue of the “Emerald City Knights” adventure series. Chelsea Lincoln had a good life until the Silver Storm ripped it apart, giving her mutant powers of magnetism that also warped her mind, transforming her into the crazed criminal […]

New Super-Powered by M&M Licensing Information

Green Ronin is excited to present its new licensing program, Super-Powered by M&M! With the release of the third edition Mutants & Masterminds Hero’s Handbook this month, publishers will be able to create and publish their own M&M-compatible products by following the new licenses terms. The Super-Powered by M&M site is live now and includes […]