New Stretch Goal: Advanced Bestiary!

Wow! What an amazing weekend of gaming and browser refreshing. While Chris was down in LA taking part in International Tabletop Day and the rest of us were playing games in Seattle and the other cities we call home, you guys pulled out the stops to get Freeport The City of Adventure for the Pathfinder RPG funded. But you didn’t stop there, oh no—you blew through the stretch goals as well, unlocking the poster map of Freeport, the new Wayne Reynolds cover, and the AGE System Freeport companion. Truly amazing. Thank you all. As Chris wrote, we’re happy and humbled.

We’ve got one (final?) stretch goal left: If you guys get the Kickstarter up above $75,000, we will commit to doing the Advanced Bestiary for Pathfinder (likely as its own Kickstarter). To give you folks something concrete for helping to make that happen, we’ll also do a new 32-page Freeport module that uses monsters created with the new Advanced Bestiary. All backers at Mariner level and up will get a PDF of the adventure for free!

As of this posting, there are six hours left in the Kickstarter, and we’re at $66,882 in pledges. Can we make it? Arrr, mateys—that’s up to you.


  • Evan Sass

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