Ronin Round Table: Green Ronin at ChupacabraCon 2014

By Donna Prior

Team Ronin decided to start the New Year off right with some convention appearances! When Steve Kenson told us that he was invited to come down to Austin to be a special guest at a gaming convention, Chris Pramas and I decided we wanted to join in the fun. Well, okay, it is entirely possible that BBQ had a big influence on this decision.


We all volunteered up our services to be panelists, and also host an in-person Green Ronin Round Table, for anyone who wished to come meet us and gab about games. Steve and I also ran a few games. Steve ran Mutants & Masterminds and ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying. I ran a couple fun introductory Dragon Age RPG sessions.

Not only that, but we were able to meet up with Green Ronin Freebooter Demo GM, Chris Ovalle! Our volunteer GM team is small, but we have some really great folks who are participating. Chris ran an adventure set in Midgard using the AGE system.

For my part, I had an amazingly great time. The ChupacabraCon folks were an absolute delight, both before and during the con. Any time I would look lost, or just poking around, they would say hello, ask if I needed help, or just generally chatted about games & life.

I made some new friends, played some new games, and managed to sneak in some visits with old friends in Austin! I also got to be the total fangirl I am, when they allowed me to be on a panel with Ernie Cline, Aaron Allston, Ross Watson, Aaron de Orive, and Jennifer Rehnay. We had a wonderful time sharing stories, poking fun at each other, and just being general silly passionate nerds. Our panel was "Creative Careers and how we got there!" Our audience was wonderful and seemed to enjoy our many tangents and geeking over Star Wars, Rush, and how rejection has helped shape who we are.


Besides the big hug from Ernie, one of the best highlights for me was that I got to talk about the Freebooter Volunteer GM Program. This program, and others like it, are my biggest passion. I love bringing people together over games; this is why I wanted to work with Green Ronin. Well, besides the fact that they’re all amazing people. But truly, there are some very passionate people who play Green Ronin games and I wanted to help them be more involved. Our program is still very small, but we have some great creative volunteers. We’re looking for more, so if you’d like to know more, you can check out the program here