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Ronin Roundtable: Small Shows

I don’t write up a lot of blogs here for Green Ronin. Mostly, everyone sees my pushes for GMs for Gen Con and an occasional posting for other folks. I’m taking on the duties this week for the Ronin Round Table and I’m super stoked to talk about fan-run conventions and smaller events. We receive […]

GM for Green Ronin at Gen Con!

Happy 50th Anniversary to Gen Con! Team Ronin is super excited about Gen Con this year, especially with the success of our updated Freebooter GM Program. We decided to focus on our one big event, as we’re kinda small to support events all over the country and beyond. Make with the clicking to read about […]

Ronin Round Table: Do All The GenCon Things!

*Update* See below for updates about booth signings. Yes, folks, hard to believe it is already time for us to all fly to Indy and gather up for the most amazing time for tabletop game playing. And boy, are a bunch of folks gonna be playing our games. We’ve set a GenCon record, for us, […]

Ronin Round Table: Green Ronin at Gen Con 2015

  This year is going to be an exceptionally strange and exciting time for us at Gen Con. Not only is Team Ronin headed out in force, but we’re sharing space with Geek & Sundry, highlighting Fantasy Age and Titansgrave: The Ashes of Valkana! We’re so excited to have such great games for Gen Con. […]

Blue Rose AGE is now on Kickstarter!

Yesterday, Nicole launched the Kickstarter project, Blue Rose: The AGE Roleplaying Game of Romantic Fantasy. Not only were we fully funded the same day, but we have already surpassed some of our stretch goals! We have been so excited to see the response to Blue Rose AGE. And in our excitement, we forgot to write a news […]

Ronin Round Table: Convention Season!

As the Events Manager, this is my favourite time of year…convention season! Not only do I love to attend conventions representing Green Ronin, I love to attend for my “day job” in the video game industry. I’ve recently attended the Game Developers Conference (GDC) and the Emerald City Comicon. I attended the GDC as an […]

Ronin Round Table: Green Ronin at ChupacabraCon 2014

By Donna Prior Team Ronin decided to start the New Year off right with some convention appearances! When Steve Kenson told us that he was invited to come down to Austin to be a special guest at a gaming convention, Chris Pramas and I decided we wanted to join in the fun. Well, okay, it […]

Ronin Round Table: Freebooter Update and Gen Con Plans!

By Donna Prior It’s been a while since I’ve talked about the Freebooter program. With Gen Con fast approaching (too fast), I figured I’d throw you an update! One of my favorite aspects of the Freebooter program is that it’s so accessible to the casual volunteer, but there are plenty of upcoming rewards for the […]