Two New PDFs: The Sportsman and Russia & Central Asia

We have two new PDFs for you this week, one Rogues Gallery entry and one for Atlas of Earth-Prime, for Mutants & Masterminds.

Rogues Gallery: The Sportsman (PDF)

Rogues Gallery: The Sportsman (PDF)

Rogues Gallery: The Sportsman

Trained from birth by his criminal parents, the original Sportsman and Princess Poison, the modern-day Sportsman is dedicated to living up to his parents’ high standards for villainy. Armed with sports-themed weapons and capable of great violence when provoked, the Sportsman is no joke.

Includes Hero Lab files for both the modern Sportsman and his father, the original Sportsman, and for his mother, Princess Poison.

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Atlas of Earth-Prime: Russia & Central Asia

Atlas of Earth-Prime: Russia & Central Asia

Atlas of Earth-Prime: Russia and Central Asia

The former Soviet Union once dominated Eastern Europe and central Asia. Elements of its influence are still felt there on Earth-Prime, from ancient figures out of myth like the witch-hag Baba Yaga to the effects of Chernobyl and the shadowy UnterKremlim. Heroes can work with Bogatyr, the greatest hero of Russia, or battle against foes like the Four Horsemen, deadly leftovers from secret Soviet super-soldier programs, while wondering who the mysterious hacker known as Delphi works for, and what her agenda might be.

Includes Hero Lab files for Baba Yaga, Bogatyr II, Delphi, Horseman Super Soldier, Oculus, Pozhiratel, Rasputin, and Volkadav.

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