Old Games Never Die: True20 Revised Rulebook available for Print On Demand

True20 Revised Edition available for Print on Demand!I’m certainly dating myself, but long ago, I loved to haunt the aisles of the games auction at Gen Con and to visit shops that had older and out-of-print games. It was how I got to see products that pre-dated my entry into the tabletop gaming hobby, or that I missed somewhere along the way.

That was long before the explosion of online publishing, e-books, and print-on-demand, which transformed our relationship with those older products, and publishers’ relationships with their back-catalog. Now, old games (and old game books) need never die. They just “ascend” from their material forms to the virtual realm, where they can be purchased, accessed, downloaded, and even reprinted to add to some eager gamer’s collection.

All of that is a long introduction to announcing that Green Ronin is offering the True20 Adventure Roleplaying core rulebook as a print-on-demand product from DriveThruRPG. Since the original book was produced in black and white, it was a prime candidate for print-on-demand, allowing us to keep the cost reasonable for a non mass-market book, and making it easy to offer both softcover and hardcover editions.

Moving forward, Green Ronin will also be looking at offering print-on-demand editions of some of our other out-of-print titles, as staffing resources permit. Have a personal preference you’d like to see available? Please email letsplay@greenronin.com and let us know about it. Our focus remains on supporting and producing new material for our ongoing game lines like the AGE System and Mutants & Masterminds, but we want fans of our older titles to be able to replace well-loved books and to introduce them to potential new fans as well.

If you have never checked out True20 Adventure Roleplaying, now is a great time to do so and to get a package deal on both a print and PDF copy of the core rules. You can also explore the numerous settings, sourcebooks, and adventures using the True20 system on DriveThruRPG, also preserved for posterity. Old games never die, they just await new players to find and play them.