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Ronin Round Table: Those At Our Game Tables

By Joseph Carriker Last week, the gaming community was faced with the loss of one of our own once again: Aaron Allston, well-known designer for Champions and Dungeons & Dragons, and author of numerous novels, particularly in the Star Wars universe. And though I didn’t know Mr. Allston myself, I couldn’t help but feel a […]

Ronin Round Table: Brand New Gamers

Joe Carriker Some geeks in social media seem to like to decry the mainstreaming of geek culture. I won’t get into that here, but I will say I’ve noticed a positive benefit: after deriving enjoyment from these movies, big video games and the like, quite a few folks—some of whom I’ve known for years—have expressed […]

Ronin Round Table: Joseph on Night’s Watch

Coming Soon: The Night’s Watch Happy Friday, folks. Well, we’ve got one more episode of this season of Game of Thrones, and it’s been a heck of a ride. But don’t despair—with HBO wrapping up the current season, and Mr. Martin working steadily on the next book, we here at Green Ronin will help keep […]

Ronin Round Table: Joseph on Licensing

Over the past couple of weeks here at the Ronin Round Table, we’ve been giving a look at some of the hard work and creativity it takes to successfully make and market an RPG based off someone else’s IP. (For those who are just now getting caught up, Chris Pramas talked about licensing in general, […]