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Green Ronin Receives 14 ENnie Nominations!

The nominees for the GenCon EN World RPG Awards (the “ENnies”) have been announced for 2007. Between Green Ronin’s own products and those we designed and developed for Black Industries’ Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay RPG, we have received 14 nominations and 3 Honorable Mentions. The nominations are: Best Cover Art: Ultimate Power (HM) Best Interior Art: […]

New Freeport Designer Journal

A new Designer Journal has been posted on the Freeport blog. In this installment Chris Pramas talks about what went into creating the Beyond Freeport section of the Pirate’s Guide to Freeport. This optional chapter blows Freeport out into a full campaign setting, detailing the larger world for the first time. Chris PramasChris Pramas is […]

Designer Journal: Beyond Freeport

Chris Pramas I don’t even think it took a week after the release of Death in Freeport for people to start asking if I was going to blow Freeport out into a full campaign setting. I resisted the urge for many, many years. Part of Freeport’s appeal, after all, was that you could drop it […]

Designer Journal: Location, Location, Location

Chris Pramas The Pirate’s Guide to Freeport includes a lot of information, from history and personalities to plots and GM advice. The heart of the book though is the nine chapters that describe the city’s districts and key locations. Astute readers may have noticed that I mentioned nine chapters, when the city previously only had […]

Pirate’s Guide Preview in Latest Game Trade

There is a two page preview for the Pirate’s Guide to Freeport in the April issue (#86) of Game Trade Magazine. It details one of many new additions to the City of Adventure, the Chambers Asylum. See where Freeport houses the insane and the deranged and check out the format used for all the locations […]