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5th Anniversary Sale: Races of Renown Week

Today is the start of Races of Renown Week in our 5th Anniversary Sale. This means that until next Monday, you’ll be able to get both Fang & Fury: A Guidebook to Vampires and Bow & Blade: A Guidebook to Wood Elves for only $5 in the Green Ronin Online Store! Our Award-Winner Showcase product […]

Advanced Gamemaster’s Guide PDF Preview #2

The Advanced Gamemaster’s Guide PDF is selling like hotcakes on RPGNow.com, but for those of you who haven’t decided to get it yet, today we’ve got another PDF preview for you. This preview features rules for creating artifacts. Advanced Gamemaster’s Guide PDF Preview #2

5th Anniversary Sale: Freeport Week

Green Ronin Publishing is celebrating our 5th Anniversary over the next 5 weeks. Each week will have a different theme, and for that week only, two products will be just $5 in our Green Ronin Online Store, and one product will be in the Award-Winner Showcase, at 50% off. This week is Freeport Week, so […]

Monsters of the Mind 3.5 Update PDF

When Monsters of the Minds was published, the official psionics rules had not yet been updated to version 3.5. As a result, the monsters had 3.5-compatible stats, but all the psionics rules were still from version 3.0. This PDF compiled by Robert J. Schwalb updates the Monsters of the Mind psionics rules to v.3.5. Monsters […]

Advanced Gamemaster’s Guide PDF Preview

The Advanced Gamemaster’s Guide goes on sale next week in PDF form on RPGNow.com, with the print version to follow on store shelves once it finishes printing and ships through the distribution channels. To celebrate the impending release of the PDF, we thought we’d post a PDF preview. Read along as Advanced Gamemaster’s Guide author […]

3.0 Nostalgia!

Do your eyes well up when you think back to your first Third Edition game? Are you sad that your bull’s strength doesn’t last for hours or miss using haste to cast an extra spell? Or did you never bother to pick up the 3.5 rulebooks, perhaps? Well, we’ve got just the thing for you. […]

Advanced Player’s Manual PDF Preview #2: Luck

If your d20 System hero had to survive by wits, brawn, and charm alone, her career might well be short-lived. The Advanced Player’s Manual gives your character a new ability score, Luck, which might explain how she always seems to survive impossible situations, or why nothing ever goes her way. Today’s your lucky day, too, […]