Leap Day Sale! All Fantasy AGE PDFs 10% Off

Leap Day Sale! All Fantasy AGE PDFs are 10% off today!

Happy Leap Day! Sales Manager Will told us to put all of the PDFs in the Fantasy AGE RPG line on sale at 10% off, and who are we to argue? Today only, whether you’re trying out Fantasy AGE RPG for the first time, you want to fill in the missing PDFs in your Fantasy AGE collection, or you’re ready to adventure in the world from the Titansgrave show, whatever Fantasy AGE PDFs you need can be yours at 10% off normal price!

Sale PDFs include Fantasy AGE Basic Rulebook, Titansgrave, the Fantasy AGE Bestiary, the Fantasy AGE Companion, Campaign Builder’s Guide, and Game Master’s Kit, four Fantasy AGE Encounters, and Titansgrave: The Hermit’s Road!

(Granted, Leap Day only comes around every four years, but according to the Wayback Machine, our only previous Leap Day Sale was in 2012.)


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