Valiant Adventures has Funded & Penny Arcade Livestream

Back Valiant Adventures Roleplaying Game on Kickstarter today!

Back the Kickstarter in the first 72 hours, and receive Unity Vol 1 PDF, FREE!

I am so excited that we have finally released the Kickstarter for the Valiant Adventures Roleplaying Game! Steve and I have been working so hard for the past few years bringing this game to life and I’m so thrilled you’re excited to get your hands on it. There are so many exciting stories waiting to be told and I can’t wait for these dynamic new rules to hit your tables.

It’s been great hearing initial feedback for the Valiant Quickstart and seeing your speculation online about what our rule adaptations mean for combat, roleplaying, skills, advantages, and every other aspect of Mutants & Masterminds. I am particularly thrilled to see so many people saying that this iteration of the system will be new player friendly. One of our biggest design goals was to make the game seem more approachable, because M&M has some of the fastest, most cinematic gameplay in the industry and I see so many people never get to that point because of how intimidating character creation appears to be. The new design aesthetic for the book and the flow of information appears to be doing great work to ease some of that anxiety.

Now that we’ve funded, we need to keep pushing for those stretch goals! Steve and I have so many ideas for exciting content for this game and with your support we can see those goals realized. Please share the link around your friends and communities and let’s make this game the best that it can be!

Please remember to mention our 72 hour incentive, Unity Vol. 1 in PDF, to anyone you introduce the campaign to and tune in on today  at 1pm PST/4pm EST when I run a one shot for the amazing folks over at Penny Arcade!

Thank you everyone for your support so far and Stay Valiant!