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Trades of the Expanse: Entertainer!

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Coming to you live from the Delos Resort and Spa on the moon of Titan we bring you the latest and the greatest of The Expanse RPG— from veteran Expanse RPG writer, Pete Woodworth we present, Trades of the Expanse: Entertainer! <delay times and surcharges may vary> This new supplement opens new doors of opportunity for the talented and adventurous. Bring your talent for singing, dancing, acting to the Belt and beyond. Maybe one day you’ll find yourself performing at a luxury resort on Titan! Only the bold and the brilliant may apply.


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Trades of the Expanse: Entertainer explores the lives, trials, and tribulations of entertainers of all kinds in The Expanse RPG universe. This supplement presents an entirely new type of character and is packed full of information for players who want to play an entertainer. Or even an entire group of entertainers, traveling the system and the stars seeking fame and fortune. You’ll find new rules, gear, ships, and contacts for GMs and players who want to bring the realm of entertainment into their campaigns.

Trades of the Expanse: Entertainer follows much the same format as previous Trades books. We begin with a deep dive into some of the possibilities for entertainer characters from film, music, games, novels, and more. There’s also a fun section describing the various types of music in The Expanse, from Blisst to Daggri-Punk to Red Country. We also explore who is likely to hire an entertainer and some of the threats that entertainers must deal with, from overexposure to obsessed fans.

The Tools of the Trade section brings cutting-edge new augmentations that allow you to transform your entire body into an orchestra and mini drones that can be augment-controlled for live streaming. You’ll also find some of the most opulent and exclusive ships in the Sol System or the 1300 worldcs. There are even new ship qualities to let you transform your ship into a personal party cruiser.

Doing the Work gets to the meat of things for players with a new Entertainer Specialization and Talent. There are also new ideas for Stunts and Churn results focused on the entertainment biz. Finally, we wrap things up with Have Your People Call My People, which features several entertainment-based organizations and companies’ characters might work for and famous personalities they might encounter. If you’ve ever wanted to form a band and head out to the stars, this is the book for you!

That’s all for today, folks! Stay tuned to this channel for upcoming details on the next book in the Trades series—Trades of the Expanse: Smuggler.


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