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A Grave Adventure Indeed


Fantasy AGE Dungeon: Menace of the Grave Warrens

Available Now!

While the new edition of Fantasy AGE has some great initial adventure support with “Set Sail for Breakwater Bay!” in the core rulebook, “The Breakwater Curse” in the Game Master’s Toolkit, and “Terror of the Ghost Ship” in the Fantasy AGE Quickstart, with more on the way, it doesn’t have a lot of “dungeon” style adventures as yet, something we look to remedy with the release of “Menace of the Grave Warrens”!

The adventure takes the heroes into an old goblin grave warren that has been invaded by a malevolent force, offering plenty of delving and navigating through dark tunnels and spaces. It is intended for 5th level characters, slightly higher-level than our starter adventures, for groups who have been playing Fantasy AGE for a while now or prefer to start at a higher level. It can follow up for groups who have played through the initial available adventures, especially if you choose to set it on Kassa, the island where Breakwater Bay is found.

The Kassa Warren

The goblin warren described in the adventure is quite self-contained: The whole adventure takes place within it, so you can place it pretty much anywhere you’d like in your setting. All that’s really required is a settlement nearby. The adventure assumes it’s a mostly-goblin settlement, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Perhaps the goblin warren is old and the settlement is new, built after the goblins who once lived in the area were gone, for example.

If placing “Menace of the Grave Warren” on Kassa Isle in the Stranger Shores setting, the warren could be near Tall Pines or Weston on the western side of the island, particularly if you decide there’s a substantial goblin community there. It could also be near the abandoned settlement of Sundown, perhaps connected in some fashion with why Sundown became abandoned. You can even set the warren not far from Breakwater itself, either in the North Woods or southwards towards Mount Kassa. It may be a venerated burial site for the goblin community of the town, now threatened. This lets you tie-in goblin NPCs from the setting like Thistle and Gont (from “The Breakwater Curse”) if you want.

You can also add a small goblin settlement on Kassa to be near the grave warren. There’s plenty of room along the Western Hills as well as Nordmarsh, the North Woods, or along Long Lake. Adventurers might be traveling through the area on some other business when news about the trouble in the warren reaches them, or they might go there specifically to investigate, especially if they’ve made a name for themselves on Kassa for dealing with supernatural trouble.

Wherever you choose to place the “Menace of the Grave Warrens” we hope it will be an opportunity for your Fantasy AGE heroes to delve deep into an ol’ fashioned dungeon adventure!

Menace of the Grave Warrens is available now in the Green Ronin Online Store, and on DriveThruRPG!

Live a Life of Glitz and Glamor with Trades of the Expanse: Entertainer

Trades of the Expanse: Entertainer!

Available Now!

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Coming to you live from the Delos Resort and Spa on the moon of Titan we bring you the latest and the greatest of The Expanse RPG— from veteran Expanse RPG writer, Pete Woodworth we present, Trades of the Expanse: Entertainer! <delay times and surcharges may vary> This new supplement opens new doors of opportunity for the talented and adventurous. Bring your talent for singing, dancing, acting to the Belt and beyond. Maybe one day you’ll find yourself performing at a luxury resort on Titan! Only the bold and the brilliant may apply.


<Delos Resort and Spa accepts no responsibility for accidents, mishaps, or death by piracy, suffocation, starvation, dismemberment, or any space travel-based disasters. For further information, contact our home offices on Luna. Offer valid only in the Sol system. Offer void more than 10 AU from Sol.>


Trades of the Expanse: Entertainer explores the lives, trials, and tribulations of entertainers of all kinds in The Expanse RPG universe. This supplement presents an entirely new type of character and is packed full of information for players who want to play an entertainer. Or even an entire group of entertainers, traveling the system and the stars seeking fame and fortune. You’ll find new rules, gear, ships, and contacts for GMs and players who want to bring the realm of entertainment into their campaigns.

Trades of the Expanse: Entertainer follows much the same format as previous Trades books. We begin with a deep dive into some of the possibilities for entertainer characters from film, music, games, novels, and more. There’s also a fun section describing the various types of music in The Expanse, from Blisst to Daggri-Punk to Red Country. We also explore who is likely to hire an entertainer and some of the threats that entertainers must deal with, from overexposure to obsessed fans.

The Tools of the Trade section brings cutting-edge new augmentations that allow you to transform your entire body into an orchestra and mini drones that can be augment-controlled for live streaming. You’ll also find some of the most opulent and exclusive ships in the Sol System or the 1300 worldcs. There are even new ship qualities to let you transform your ship into a personal party cruiser.

Doing the Work gets to the meat of things for players with a new Entertainer Specialization and Talent. There are also new ideas for Stunts and Churn results focused on the entertainment biz. Finally, we wrap things up with Have Your People Call My People, which features several entertainment-based organizations and companies’ characters might work for and famous personalities they might encounter. If you’ve ever wanted to form a band and head out to the stars, this is the book for you!

That’s all for today, folks! Stay tuned to this channel for upcoming details on the next book in the Trades series—Trades of the Expanse: Smuggler.


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Available now in the Green Ronin Online Store, and on DriveThruRPG!

Starting the Engine! Introducing the Official AGE System Magazine


Engine: The AGE Roleplaying Game Magazine

Available Now!

Right now, fans of the Adventure Game Engine tend to be scattered amongst its various games. After premiering the system with the Dragon Age roleplaying game, we evolved it into Fantasy AGE, Blue Rose, Modern AGE, The Expanse, Cthulhu Awakens, and the upcoming Fifth Season (preorders available!) roleplaying game. Historically fans have either stuck to single games or done some hacking with Modern AGE and Fantasy AGE.

Well, we want to change that a bit, and help build a pan-AGE community. One of the initiatives for this? Engine magazine, a source for articles about AGE games, with new rules, ideas, and commentary for all AGE System gamers. Issue #1 drops now!

In our premiere issue:

  • Apprehension: Rules for fear and dread for Blue Rose and Fantasy AGE, with notes for other games.
  • Enemies & Allies—The Nyx: A marine monster for Fantasy AGE or any other AGE game.
  • Frolic in the Vale: A boisterous faerie folk encounter for Fantasy AGE.
  • Masons & Mystics: The Architecture Arcana for Fantasy AGE and Modern AGE.
  • Taking the Scepter: Talents for rulers in Fantasy AGE.
  • The Thistle Cup: A fully detailed Aldis tavern for Blue Rose.

Use them as-is or use AGE’s hackable rules to fit them into your story, campaign, or world. We give you the fuel, but you start the Engine!

Pick up Engine #1 on our website, or at DrivethruRPG:

Face Fear and Fight Fascists with the Cthulhu Awakens Quickstart

Cthulhu Awakens Quickstart

The FREE Cthulhu Awakens Quickstart is Available Now!


Hagley, England, 1940: an idyllic village under the shadow of the Second World War. As its inhabitants watch the sky for the terrors of the Blitz, they have no idea other horrors lie beneath their feet. Long bound by forgotten rituals, an entity creeps closer to freedom as the Old Ways die, but it will be an attempted revival of those traditions, combined with an unnatural disaster, that unleashes the ancient God Beneath the Tree on the world.

Written by Stoker Award nominated author and internationally recognized folk horror expert Sian Ingham, The God Beneath the Tree is a quickstart: everything you need, from streamlined rules to starting characters, to play its included Cthulhu Awakens scenario. By playing, you’ll not only confront the ancient creature beneath Hagley’s trees but teach yourself Cthulhu Awakens, the roleplaying game of confronting Mythos horror across a Weird Century of strange histories and cult conspiracies. All you need is ordinary six-sided dice, something to write and record your character and their adventures, and up to five friends joining a Game Master.

The Cthulhu Awakens Quickstart is available in PDF and coming soon as a full-featured Roll20 virtual tabletop product.

The full version of Cthulhu Awakens and the GM Kit is now available in print, PDF and on Roll20, and hardcovers are on the way to retail game stores near you!

And speaking of Roll20, we have a brand new NPC Token Pack available for you today as well. Check it out!

Cthulhu Awakens NPC Token Pack for Roll20

Dare the Lair of the Horned Giant, and Enter the First Fantasy AGE Dungeon

Lair of the Horned Giant for Fantasy AGE 2nd edition!

Available Now!


As the new Fantasy AGE developer, I’m pleased to share something from the roots of the AGE system, updated for the 2nd edition of Fantasy AGE: a new adventure called Lair of the Horned Giant!

Long ago, a hero confronted a fierce challenge on the sacred fields of Kreyatos, and what transpired became the origin of a thousand legends—of sacred bulls slain, of a curse that fused victims with beasts, and of the Horned Giant and its cult. Now your heroes have come to investigate the legends at the fields themselves, where the cattle of the gods once roamed, and where the servants—or jailers—of a fallen hero, now given horns and an urge for bestial violence, dwell. But is there more to the Horned Giant? Beyond the rumored bull-man, what of the rumors of konotaurs and other beast-people?

Lair of the Horned Giant is an adventure our friend and very cool game designer Will Hindmarch originally created to support fans of the Dragon AGE roleplaying game who wanted to use it to adventure in other settings, but it was never published. I discovered it in our files, loved it, and updated it for Fantasy AGE’s second edition. It features an open-ended presentation like Fantasy AGE Lairs, a book for First Edition Fantasy AGE I really like, but it has a mythic resonance I think would go especially well with Fantasy AGE Trojan War, though it’s designed to slip into the classic fantasy worlds core Fantasy AGE supports.

(As I talk editions, remember that Fantasy AGE editions, and AGE games in general, are easy to convert between.)

This challenging adventure with shades of Greco-Roman and Middle Eastern mythology is best suited to characters of levels 8-10. It includes new creatures and magical treasures for Fantasy AGE suitable for a wide variety of campaigns. The mythology of the Horned Giant is even designed to be easily adapted for your own games, too.

This also inaugurates our series of new adventures called Fantasy AGE Dungeons, though some of these might not be “dungeons” in the usual sense. We’re currently working on another, Menace of the Grave Warrens, and I can’t wait to announce that too. Use them for one shots, side quests—whatever works for your table. Until then, challenge the cursed cult and dare the Bull of Heaven!

The Fantasy AGE Quickstart Arrives!

Fantasy AGE 2nd Edition Quickstart

A neglected ship sales the moonlit seas with no living crew to guide her. Can the heroes unravel the mystery? And more importantly, can they live to tell the tale?

New to AGE games? Looking for more starting adventures for your Fantasy AGE game? That’s the teaser for “Terror of the Ghost Ship,” the adventure included in the new Fantasy AGE Quickstart up above. It’s available today! Get it in PDF at the Green Ronin Online Store and DrivethruRPG —click through to wherever you want it from.

The Fantasy AGE Quickstart also contains streamlined rules and pregenerated characters for Fantasy AGE, the Adventure Game Engine (AGE) game of swords & sorcery adventure. The current, second edition of Fantasy AGE is an evolution of the rules found in Modern AGE, The Expanse Roleplaying Game, Blue Rose: The AGE Roleplaying Game of Romantic Fantasy, and others. The pregenerated characters, rules, and included adventure provide everything you need to run it except at least three six-sided dice, writing materials, and your friends.

AGE is designed to be intuitive and straightforward, while leaning into the swashbuckling side of adventure roleplaying with amazing stunts, cinematic combat, and a loose, four-class system that lets you shape a heroic archetype into a true individual.

After the adventure, move on to the full rules of the Fantasy AGE Core Rulebook. The Stranger Shores await—and that’s for starters. Adventures, new settings, and more are on the horizon, and we can’t wait to share them with you.

Tune in today (Thursday, 21 March 2024) at 2p Pacific, 5p Eastern for ThursdAGE, when Malcolm Sheppard and Ian Lemke join your host, Disembodied Troy Hewitt. We will not only take a look at the new quickstart, we’ll be talking about the future of the Adventure Game Engine!

Revelations of the Bacchae, the GM’s Kit, and DREADCRAWLS: New(ish) Releases for Cthulhu Awakens!

Cthulhu Awakens, the AGE RPG of confronting Mythos horror across the Weird Century, entered electronic release last October—but since then, we’ve released more for the game, with ambitious plans for 2024! Here we go:

Revelations of the Bacchae for Cthulhu Awakens

Revelations of the Bacchae (PDF, Roll20)

Revelations of the Bacchae presents expanded notes on the Cthulhu Awakens actual play session of the same name, run by Ian Lemke during the Cthulhu Awakens Kickstarter campaign. Note that this is not a full scenario—well, not completely. Instead, the basic notes used to run the game have been cleaned up a bit and presented for your perusal or use, as you see fit. This development process means it may vary from the adventure as presented, as elements of improvisation are “set into stone.”

Revelations of the Bacchae is set in the modern day, but with adjustments can be situated earlier. The latest time-dependent element is from 1996, but the exact date isn’t important.

PDF GM's Kit for Cthulhu Awakens


Cthulhu Awakens Game Master’s Kit (PDF)

The Cthulhu Awakens Game Master’s Kit is a collection of resources that helps you smoothly deliver terror and adventure to your players. It provides a PDF with 3 Game Master’s screen panels that displays stunts and other essential information. The quick reference card PDF provides further assistance with commonly used rules, and the combat tracker helps you organize the action.

The true secrets of the Game Master’s Kit are revealed in Unexpurgated Texts, a PDF booklet detailing a dozen fell grimoires and their modern counterparts, each in an expanded, 2-page format listing the eldritch workings and other strange secrets each of them contains.

Dreadcrawls PDF 'zine for Cthulhu Awakens

DREADCRAWLS #0: Strange Places (PDF)

Mountains of madness, cave complexes inhabited since before history, and secret temples under moldering ruins are all part of the Mythos horror genre. With DREADCRAWLS #0: Strange Places, you can generate these bizarre, haunted locations with a few dice rolls and simple decisions. From underground complexes to hyper-dimensional locales folded into non-Euclidean shapes, create haunted lairs for the Mythos with a tried-and-true old school, table-based method.

DREADCRAWLS is the official zine for Cthulhu Awakens, the AGE roleplaying game of Mythos horror, across the Weird Century.

More Horror?

Some of these have been mentioned before, specifically for the Roll20 edition, as Jonesy talks about here. Read about Cthulhu Awakens’ full-featured Roll20 version.

Furthermore, we have four more supplements in various stages of development, so rest assured, there’s support here, and support coming. We’ll tell you when!

Valiant Views: Shadowman

Valiant Views: Shadowman

While the Valiant Adventures Quickstart gives you a feel for what it is like to play a tabletop RPG set in the Valiant Universe, due to space limits it doesn’t provide character creation info or a deeper look at some of the signature Valiant characters. In this preview, we look at Valiant’s mystical defender of the Deadside, Shadowman.

Along with Doctor Mirage, Shadowman is our other mystical character, perhaps the one most central to the Valiant Universe’s mystic upheavals. Overall, Shadowman’s Abilities are impressive, but largely because Jack Boniface is bonded with the Shadow Loa: giving him a list of Enhanced Abilites included in those Ranks. The Shadow Loa also makes Shadowman tougher, faster to heal, and essentially unkillable except through mystic means.

Shadowman’s other powers involve his Shadow Scythe, his signature weapon, which is effective against spirits and other creatures of the Deadside and a weapon he can swing in an arc to Multiattack. He also has a considerable Necromancy Array, particularly his power to summon darkness, travel to and from the Deadside, and to Command the Dead and the creatures of the Deadside when necessary. Extra Effort for some power stunts can add other Necromatic Effects to Shadowman’s Array temporarily, but he tends to rely on his physical prowess more than those powers anyway.

Jack has Undead as a Favored Foe Advantage, giving him an additional edge. He has some Combat Advantages, notably Menacing Attack, which lets him Intimidate after felling a foe, especially useful against groups of minions. He also has Leadership, more in the area of helping allies like the Abettors to shake off Conditions, and Fallen Inspiration, which lets him do the same even when he’s taken out of a fight!

His Skills rely fairly heavily on Intimidation and Occult, although his Expertise in History (he started out as a museum curator in New Orleans) comes in handy sometimes. It’s notable that Shadowman is a more effective close combatant, with slightly lower Defense against ranged attacks and no real ranged attacks of his own, unless he does a power stunt or throws something. He prefers to get right up into the fight whenever possible.

Shadowman’s Responsibility Complication is often at-odds with his Isolated Complication: He wants to do good and help others, but at the same time feels like he has to go it alone, making it hard for people to help him, as Alyssa and the other Abettors and his sometime allies will attest.

Check out the Valiant Adventures Roleplaying Game on Kickstarter now!

Valiant Views: Ninjak

Valiant Views: Ninjak!

While the Valiant Adventures Quickstart gives you a feel for what it is like to play a tabletop RPG set in the Valiant Universe, due to space limits it doesn’t provide character creation info or a deeper look at some of the signature Valiant characters. In this preview, we look at Valiant’s ultimate secret agent and super-spy, Ninjak.

Ninjak is a prime example of a “normal human” who, well, isn’t in that some of his abilities (Agility, Dexterity, and Intellect) are above the “normal human” limit that hovers around Rank 6 and his Fighting Ability is truly superhuman at 14, but then Ninjak is one of the best all-around combatants in the Valiant Universe. He relies on that high Attack Bonus because his Damage output is relatively low for his Power Level, meaning Ninjak is going to Power Attack when he can against lower Defense targets (if he’s not using his Gadgets Advantage to simply plant a bomb on them…).

Ninjak’s “powers” are all Devices, particularly built into his uniform. In particular, his Enhanced Armor Mode is a good example of Power Level trade-offs: It exchanges upping his Toughness (Protection) at a reduction in his Dodge and Parry, keeping his Power Level the same, but recognizing situations where Ninjak needs greater Toughness while still maintaining quite high Defense Class against attacks.

He has a formidable set of Equipment, including a variety of weapons, all cutting-edge tech, but not so advanced they count as Devices.

Ninjak was the true test for the layout of the Advantages section! He has a lot of them. Notable is his Gadgets Advantage, a new one in Valiant Adventures that lets him come up with his signature “I have a device for that” move in the comics. He’s naturally got the Assessment, Connected, and Well-Informed Advantages for intelligence gathering, along with a lot of Combat Advantages reflecting his training, cunning, and skill. Of note are new Valiant Adventures Advantages like Exploit Momentum, Opportunity Attack, Riposte, Sleeper Hold, and Split Attack. The first three make use of the addition of a once per Turn Reaction option, letting Ninjak respond to things his opponents are doing. The other two are a revision of the old Chokehold Advantage and an Advantage version of the Split Effect Modifier, allowing him to make two smaller attacks in place of a larger one.

Ninjak is also a Skill monster, adding to his already formidable Abilities in all of the ninja- and espionage-related Skills. In particular, his Skill Mastery in Stealth lets Ninjak routinely disappear and conceal himself under most circumstances unless dealing with an opponent with Senses Effects that allow them to detect him (as X-O Manowar did in their initial encounters).

Check out the Valiant Adventures Roleplaying Game on Kickstarter now!

Uncover the Secrets of the Galaxy with Trades of the Expanse: Journalist

Trades of the Expanse: Journalist Available now!<transmission from Green Ronin Publishing incoming.>
<time delay 35 minutes.>

Today I’m here to tell you about the latest for The Expanse RPG—Trades of the Expanse: Journalist. The 1300 worlds are filled with stories, and it’s the journalist’s job to seek them out, uncover the truth, and share them with the galaxy. This exciting supplement explores the life of journalists in The Expanse. It offers helpful information for players who want to make journalists, groups who want to play a team of journalists, and plenty of source material and new rules, gear, and ships for any GM who wants to expand their campaign.


The life of a journalist can be hazardous. Journalists pride themselves on keeping humanity honest by speaking truth to power and exposing dirty secrets. With humanity spread across the galaxy, the sharing of information has become even more important. Journalists help to share the human experience of people from vastly different circumstances and backgrounds. They expose the dirty secrets of the rich and powerful, share the plight of the Belters with the Inners, and shine a light on the truth. Journalists tend to make a lot of enemies. Most folks don’t like having their secrets exposed and sometimes seek revenge or just to stop information from being released.


Trades of the Expanse: Journalist follows the same format as the other Trades books. It opens with an in-depth look at the role of journalists in The Expanse universe and explores different kinds of journalism. There’s also a fun section on media lingo and a listing of many of the media outlets journalist characters are likely to interact with. Then, there’s the Finding Work section that provides some charts and tables for GMs to use to determine the types of journalist jobs that are available.


The Tools of the Trade section details a trove of new gear for journalists: electronic press IDs, recording drones, and burn keys for quickly deleting data, and even a new augmentation. Following the tools is everyone’s favorite section—Ships! There are new Ship Qualities and a ship designed for the journalist on the move, the Cronkite-class Media Ship.


Under Doing the Work there are new rules for journalists and campaigns involving journalists. There’s a Journalist specialization with a new talent that helps with getting access and getting the story out. There are new stunts including Hardball (for getting to the truth when conducting an interview), Fourth Estate (for earning the trust of different organizations), and Press Pass (for getting access). There are even new Churn complications for adventures for journalist-oriented adventures and campaigns.


To wrap things up, you’ll find a rogues’ gallery of ready-made sources that GMs can use to build a story around or if they need a quick NPC in a pinch. Finally, there we present an optional system for journalists (although it could easily be adapted to other types of adventures and characters). The No Further Questions! optional system allows a player to add to the Churn tracker in exchange for special journalistic actions such as getting answers to questions, capturing important video, finding a new source, or gaining an important clue.


That about wraps it up. The Trades of the Expanse series continues. Next up is Trades of the Expanse: Entertainer. Keep your comms open!


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Trades of the Expanse: Journalist is available now in the Green Ronin Online Store, and on DrivethruRPG!