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Dragon Age Set 3 Class Preview: The Mage

Our Dragon Age Set 3 Class Previews come to a close with the Mage.  By higher levels, Mages in Dragon Age possess vast mystical power capable of destroying hordes of lesser foes.  Where Warriors use martial skill and physical power and Rogues rely on finesse and stealth, the Mage uses their knowledge and will to […]

Dragon Age Set 3 Class Preview: The Rogue

The Dragon Age previews for classes continues with a look at the Rogue. Masters of stealth, misdirection, and skilled at delivering punishing blows to unaware and vulnerable opponents, Rogues are deadly with ranged or close combat. Rogue Rogues develop along a few lines in Set 3. Ranged combat and stealthly in-fighting are given new options. […]

Dragon Age Set 3 Class Preview: The Warrior

Greetings Dragon Age fans, here are previews for the class updates for the upcoming Dragon Age RPG, Set 3.  First up, we take a look at the Warrior, followed by the Rogue in our next preview, and finally the Mage in the third.  Enjoy! Warrior The Warrior gets some serious upgrades in Set 3. In […]

Ronin Round Table: Jack Norris

Hey folks, this is Jack Norris, newly minted Ronin and the new Dragon Age and AGE System developer. Figured it was time I properly introduced myself to all our customers and fans. So who the heck am I and why should you care? Excellent questions, glad you asked.