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Ronin Round Table: Fate in Freeport

By Jack Norris Hello all, Jack here. I wanted to talk to you a bit about one of our recent products I’ve been looking over recently. It’s not one I worked on, but rather one I picked up and have been reading and enjoying myself both as gamer and designer. It’s the Fate Freeport Companion, […]

Ronin Round Table: The Silverado Effect

Tailoring Adventures to Player Characters by Jack Norris Adventure design is a funny thing. Published adventures need to appeal to the widest possible group of PCs. Whether the PCs are bandits, knights, businessmen, or criminals an adventure included in a publication needs to do the best job they can to motivate and include those characters […]

Dragon Age Set 3 Class Preview: The Mage

Our Dragon Age Set 3 Class Previews come to a close with the Mage.  By higher levels, Mages in Dragon Age possess vast mystical power capable of destroying hordes of lesser foes.  Where Warriors use martial skill and physical power and Rogues rely on finesse and stealth, the Mage uses their knowledge and will to […]

Dragon Age Set 3 Class Preview: The Rogue

The Dragon Age previews for classes continues with a look at the Rogue. Masters of stealth, misdirection, and skilled at delivering punishing blows to unaware and vulnerable opponents, Rogues are deadly with ranged or close combat. Rogue Rogues develop along a few lines in Set 3. Ranged combat and stealthly in-fighting are given new options. […]