SpirosBlaak PDF Preview #1: Witch Hill Goblins

SpirosBlaakThis PDF preview from SpirosBlaak, our long-awaited Mythic Vistas sourcebook of werewolf-fighting goodness, details the Witch Hill goblins. Download it today!
SpirosBlaak PDF Preview #1

The Black Company Campaign Setting PDF Preview

Today we present a PDF Preview of The Black Company Campaign Setting. These pages from Chapter Three: Character Backgrounds detail the bonuses and traits gained by some of the available character backgrounds. Included are Aristocrat, Beggar, Bureaucrat, Commoner, Con Artist, Criminal, Engineer, Entertainer, and Fugitive.
Download The Black Company Campaign Setting PDF Preview
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Gen Con So Cal

Today Chris and Hal are jetting off to Anaheim, California, for Gen Con So Cal. If you’re anywhere near Southern California, head on over, meet Chris and Hal, and see what cool new products we’ve got for you.
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