Ronin Round Table: GenCon 2016 Roleplaying Games!


GClogo-header-2016-91a751cab7b3dc33dd0ac3b3b95595ac9c4e1b4bc5f42b6388531396cb8729beAs I’m sure most folks know, the events registration for GenCon 2016 went live on Sunday. As an aid to everyone who is interested in playing some of their favorite Green Ronin Publishing roleplaying games at GenCon—or trying out one they’ve never played before—we thought we’d compile a handy list of links to those games, by game.

What follows is not a complete list of Green Ronin Publishing games ato be had at GenCon. It’s just a collection of the games we’ve helped put together and coordinate for this year’s convention. See you there!

Reminder: While some of these games are already sold out (a big thanks to all of that enthusiasm!), remember that lots of folks over-buy, and then drop events as they figure out their schedule. Moreover, things happen and sometimes people aren’t able to show for a game, so make sure to pick up some generic tickets and if there’s a game you’re really interested in, show up to it and see if there are any slots unfilled when game time rolls around. Our GMs are only too happy to help.

Mutants & Masterminds

  • Return to the Magic Kingdom: The Disney Heroes are reborn in the real world in the bodies of teenagers, who must investigate a new evil that has come to Walt Disney World. Sequel to 2015’s Heroes of the Magic Kingdom. • Thursday, 12pm • Saturday, 12pm
  • Testing Ground: Reports are coming in from all over Freedom City. Several blocks have been flash frozen meanwhile others are without gravity. Who or what is behind it & can the Freedom League uncover why? • Thursday, 1pm • Thursday, 9pm
  • Rage!: In a world where talents are common but supers are rare, a group of vigilantes Midwest team up when a drug grants superstrength to street thugs & one of the heroes finds herself in over her head. • Friday, 8am
  • Sacred Band: The Indy Event: The Sacred Band deals with the potential disaster of an Echo Event in Indianapolis! Featuring the characters from Joseph Carriker’s novel, Sacred Band. • Friday, 5pm
  • The Storm: On a small uncharted island 500 miles of the coast of China something has gone very wrong. S.H.I.E.L.D detected a strange energy signature they could not identify. • Thursday, 9am
  • The Supernaturals: A supernatural force from beyond threatens Earth. The days are growing shorter as a darkness falls. The dead have returned, demons are making deals, & magic has begun to infect every day people. • Thursday, 7pm
  • A Stranger in a Strange Land: Curious events take place when a man arrives at a hospital after a large meteor shower. Who is this mystery man & what does he want? • Thursday, 11am • Friday, 11am
  • Tales of the Seven – Heroes Arise: Enter the land of Xiwang as one of the legendary Seven. If you have learned your lessons well, then the land may yet survive its greatest threat & its people may taste the sweetness of freedom. • Thursday, 9am • Friday, 9am
  • Heart of the Matter – A Tales of the Seven Adventure: Emperor Hei An of the Red Empire has sent agents abroad. Why have they entered the land of Xiwang? Only 1 group has any hope of stopping them, The Seven. • Thursday, 4pm • Friday, 4pm
  • Prodigal Sun: Cosmic heroes must face far more dire threats than those who limit themselves to a single city or planet. When reports reach the Star Knights of the Flegere, Mentor dispatches heroes to investigate. • Thursday, 3pm
  • The Reign of Cats & Dogs: There’s no such thing as an ordinary day when you’re a superhero. What seems like an ordinary robbery leads to mass chaos as ordinary animals across Emerald City begin developing random superpowers! • Saturday, 10am

DC Adventures (Mutants & Masterminds)

  • Gotham Uncovered: It’s hard working in Batman’s shadow, even if you don’t work with him. But when Robin puts out the call that Batman is missing, you come running. Whoever took out Batman is too big a threat not to. • Thursday, 4pm
  • Time after Time: The JSA brownstone is attacked! What has possessed Solomon Grundy? Why has Rip Hunter shown up with a dire warning of the future? • Thursday, 2pm


Fantasy AGE

  • Choosing Night: Our heroes are young residents of Highfalls Swale, going to celebrate their passage to adulthood the traditional way—camping overnight in the shadow of the ruins of the Tower of Dunmara. • Thursday, 6pm • Friday, 2pm • Saturday, 2pm • Sunday, 9am
  • Krull!: Roleplaying in the world of the movie/book/comic of the same name. You will be playing ordinary people who are thrust into the extraordinary time of the Slayer invasion. • Saturday, 1pmSunday, 12pm

Dragon Age

  • Catacombs of the Hundred Pillars: The path out of slavery leads to a remote fortress where a dragon cult claims a new Archdemon has arisen! • Thursday, 11am • Thursday, 5pm • Friday, 11am • Friday, 5pm
  • Amber Rage: While attending a festival in celebration of a fort being built, the village hosting the festival is raided by Avvar barbarians infected with a rabid Rager disease. Find a cure or be executed! • Thursday, 8pm
  • An Arl’s Ransom: The Arl of Stenhold must contend with a rumor of a darkspawn raiding party while his children return from a trip to Denerim & hires the players as escorts for their safety. • Friday, 8pm
  • The Fragile Web: Your party is flung into intrigue, politics, & machinations of the nobles of Denerim when they uncover the plans for three murders that shall affect the city’s stability & society. • Saturday, 2pm
  • Battle for Bownammar: Your party helps the Dwarves of Orzammar, the Dalish elves, & Ferelden troops reclaim their lost Thaigs from the Darkspawn as the Fifth Blight recedes. • Saturday, 8pm

Titansgrave (Fantasy AGE)

Blue Rose (Fantasy AGE)

  • Bitter Heart of Tanglewood: Strange lights have been spotted at the edges of the dark Tanglewood, afterward several children started disappearing. Members of the Sovereign’s Finest, you have been sent to investigate. • Friday, 9am • Friday, 2pm
  • Shadows of Tanglewood: While traveling near the Northeastern boarder of Aldis, your band receives a faint psychic call: “Please come. We are in need of aid – I don’t know how long -” • Thursday, 12pm • Friday, 10amFriday, 2pm • Saturday, 10am • Sunday, 11am

A Song of Ice & Fire Roleplaying

  • Trouble Amidst Lions & Roses: A shamed Lannister house accepts an invitation to a Tyrell feast within Highgarden. A night of intrigue & danger awaits the Lannister party carrying precious cargo, which might save them from ruin • Thursday, 6pmFriday, 6pm
  • To Catch a Flown Crow: A band of Night’s Watch Rangers & Wildlings work together to catch a turncloak Night’s Watch brother & bring him to justice! • Sunday, 11am

Freeport (Pathfinder)

  • A Theft in Freeport: When a young boy picks the wrong pocket, a chain reaction pits mysterious forces against the gang. • Thursday, 7pm • Saturday, 7pm
  • Terror in Freeport: A foul darkness has fallen upon Freeport. The city is under martial law and the gates are sealed. Trapped inside, you need to solve the mystery and find a way out! • Friday, 10am • Saturday, 10am
  • Out of Darkness: Following a number of strange murders in the City of Adventure, the Freeport Watch recruits a group of heroes to help investigate. • Thursday, 12pm • Friday, 12pm • Saturday, 12pm • Saturday 4pm

Ork! the Roleplaying Game

  • Run Silent, Run Ork!: Orks in a submarine. Doing dangerous, orky things. Will they find the mystical island of Krom-La? Or does the Captain have other ideas? Heave away, me orkies, heave away! • Thursday, 10amFriday, 10am