Now Available: Sword Chronicle, the Feudal Fantasy Roleplaying Game

Sword Chronicle available now!You belong to a noble house, and its fortunes rise and fall with your actions. You’re a lord, a knight, a servant in the shadows, or perhaps a sorcerer-sage, bound to a dynasty of rulers. A vassal’s honor binds you to obey those above your station, and the responsibilities of privilege make you well aware that your lessers prosper or suffer according to your will—or if you fail, in spite of it. Your people are yours to protect, but the world is yours to conquer. You’ve committed your house to the Sword Chronicle, which is available to buy today!

Sword Chronicle is fantasy roleplaying in Green Ronin’s Chronicle System, now customized for you to bring in your own worlds of intrigue-laden fantasy. Within this book you’ll find the following:

  • A classless gritty fantasy roleplaying game, where words can be as powerful as weapons—and weapons enforce your words.
  • Character creation that gives players’ characters specific positions in a noble house of their own design.
  • Rules for the fantasy ancestries of elves, dwarves, and ogres, and frictionless game systems for playing a character of multiple ancestries.
  • Grim, dramatic combat where death is a risk, but profit comes from ransoming your noble enemies.
  • Revised and reorganized intrigue rules for the Chronicle System, to give socially oriented characters real power.
  • Mass combat rules fit for sieges and conquests.
  • Subtle, powerful magic for the Chronicle System.
  • Introducing the Shattered Era setting.

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Visit the Chronicle System Guild

With the launch of Sword Chronicle comes the Chronicle System Guild, the community content program for the Chronicle System. Using Sword Chronicle as a reference, partners devise new characters, houses, settings, rules, and more.