December Sale for Christmas

You may have heard recently that we are running a sale for the holidays, during the actual month of December!

Several of us here at Green Ronin have chosen our favorite games, which you can purchase on sale during the month of December. Stay tuned here and to our social media pages to see what other books will be selected next!

Templar is our logistics wizard and customer hero. Here’s why he chose Blue Rose: “That the players exist in a world that’s not on the brink of collapse or failure. It’s a refreshing change to start from a point of optimism.” Click HERE to go directly to the sale!

Christmas In December Sale
If you’re curious about Blue Rose and the world of Aldea, you can check out the Quickstart PDF for FREE! And if you like the looks of it, be sure to come back before the December Sale is over. Here’s what developer Joseph Carriker had to say about it.


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