Shadowtide: Recipes from Aldea!

Happy Monday, and Happy Gen Con!
In order to get what I like to call “Nerd Mardi Gras” off to a great start, we’re sharing a video blog from the delightful Jess Hartley. Lots of folks probably know that Jess has plenty of experience as both writer and editor, but what you may not know is that she also has a magical touch with something near and dear to my own heart: a good meal!
Jess has graciously put together a booklet of recipes inspired by some of the food in our first Blue Rose novel, Shadowtide! From candied lemon peels to a hearty stew and even a granola fit for a certain rhy-crow, Jess’s recipes really capture the spirit of living life in Aldea, the setting for Blue Rose.
So without further ado, here’s Jess to talk a little about it! Stop by and get your copy of the booklet (free while supplies last) at Booth 929 at Gen Con. And if you can’t join us, don’t worry: we’ll be making it available in PDF format in September.
Happy Feasting!


Joe is a developer for Green Ronin's Blue Rose AGE line. He has worked in the tabletop gaming industry for nearly twenty years, during which he's been a fiercely outspoken advocate for LGBTQ+ inclusion, both in the industry and in the games we make. He is also a novelist, with his first novel Sacred Band garnering starred reviews from Kirkus Reviews and Publishers Weekly. Both Sacred Band and his second novel, Shadowtide, are available now from Nisaba Press. Joseph lives in Portland, Oregon with his fiancé A.J.