Sacred Band 2nd editionAs we announced earlier this week, to celebrate the release of Sacred Band’s Nisaba edition, we are giving you the Mutants & Masterminds stats for the five members of the team, one per day. Today’s instalment is the elementalist Sentinel!

Here’s the introduction to this series from Monday, just in case this is the first blog post you’ve found:

“My writing compatriots often joke with me that I write novels like a game designer: eighty thousand words into world building before I realize that I need a plot and some characters. In the case of Sacred Band, the joke is literal truth, though.

As part of my character design, I decided to turn to a familiar “language” for my development of Gauss, Deosil, Sentinel, Optic, and Llorona – the language of game mechanics. Specifically, the Mutants & Masterminds rule set. Building my protagonists in that system allowed me to make decisions on things like abilities and limitations as a structured undertaking.

Of course, when the story needed something that the rules didn’t or couldn’t account for, the story won out, but having that starting line to apply my creativity to in the first place made the process much easier than just writing into a blank space entirely.”

Sentinel is in today’s spotlight, and rightly so! One of the Original superheroes of the setting, Sentinel is an iconic figure in the world’s mind. When anyone thinks of superheroes, they think of this high-flying, super-strong powerhouse, though he’s known just as much for his good nature and sense of right and wrong. A terrible scandal forced him out of the public eye, but just the right situation might bring him out of that retirement.

You can download the Character Sheet for Sentinel right here! 

Sacred Band is now on sale in the Green Ronin Online Store (in print or in ebook) and on Amazon (in print or for Kindle). It’s even available in ebook on DrivethruRPG. Look for it at your local retailer as well!

Monday’s Sacred Band character sheet for Gauss

Tuesday’s Sacred Band character sheet of Deosil