Coscon XXX

We’ll have many great events; RPGA D&D Adventurers League, Pathfinder Society, Shadowrun Missions, Fantasy Age, and our own Living D&D 5E and Pathfinder Campaigns, as well as independent RPGs.

Also planned are historical, sci-fi, and modern historical wargaming, card and board games, COSPlay, and more.

Online Discounted Pre-Registration and Event Signups are now open!

You can register online at discounted rates instead of the standard onsite rates!

You can contact us at If you have any questions or issues onsite, please visit the registration area for more details.


  1. Register for and sign up for Coscon 2018
  2. Pay online through PayPal (if issues with Warhorn, send your money due to
  3. Allow 1-3 days for your registration to be processed manually
  4. Once cleared, sign up for events!


For a complete list of local hotels, visit our site.



Please note that all evening sessions on Friday and Saturday evening slots will end at 11:00 PM.

New evening session times are from 7:00p-11:00p!


COSCON XXX 2018 Charity Organizations:

To donate items, please contact Dave Schnur at

Food Drive: 
Benefits: South Park Meals-on-Wheels, Pittsburgh, PA 
Please no items in glass containers, or perishable/damaged items. For suggestions, please check out this article!

Convention Logo & T-Shirt Design:

A special thanks to George Vrbanic of Infinite Images (con vendor!) for our con logo & t-shirt design! You can purchase a special edition t-shirt (starting at $15) by adding it to your registration or emailing us at to have it added!

While attending, visit our vendors for great gaming merchandise and artwork, purchase a special edition T-shirt, and much more!

For more info, please visit or Contact Us!

Freebooter Demos at Blurriecon!

From Ron & Rich

We will be running a table all weekend promoting Rock-Con and will be running Green Ronin demos for the entire three days. We’ll have a good mix of games.

Games Likely to be Available

Blue Rose

Dragon AGE

Fantasy AGE

Mutants and Masterminds




About BlurrieCon

BlurrieCon is an anime, gaming, and new media convention in Erie, Pennsylvania, taking place at the Bayfront Convention Center, 1 Sassafras Pier, in Erie, Pennsylvania, from October 13 through October 15, 2017. Blurriecon aspires to be the North Coast’s most friendly and fun fan convention. Our emphasis is on creativity and participation. Our dedicated staff of otaku superheroes strives to fill our program with, not just the great panels and activities you expect from an anime con, but a host of special events to get everybody involved.


BlurrieCon began when Erie’s beloved fandom gathering, the Erie Anime Experience, was suddenly forced to close down. With only thirty days left until the date of what would have been Erie Anime Experience 6, a dedicated group came together from multiple fandoms to forge a new convention. Those thirty days were a blur of activity, and the convention that took place, on the very same date scheduled for Erie Anime Experience, was a blur of multiple fandoms, and so the new event earned its name: BlurrieCon!

BlurrieCon 1 was small but a great deal of fun, and every year since then it has grown rapidly. In 2014 we moved to a larger venue: the Quality Inn and Suites. After two great years there, growing all the while, we moved to our current venue: the sprawling Erie Bayfront Convention Center. Our first year at the Bayfront Convention Center marked the first time since the initial Erie Anime Experience, in 2007, that a fandom convention of any type had taken place at the Bayfront Center!

Now it is 2017. It is five years since the start of BlurrieCon; it is ten years since the start of anime conventions in the region. From the dark days when EAE ended, when it was being said that no convention could every thrive in Erie, BlurrieCon has watched regional fandom grow up around us. Now there are multiple conventions, cosplay skates, anime dances and gaming events. This is an exciting time and we of BlurrieCon are eager to see what comes next!


BlurrieCon is produced by the Anime Club of Erie (ACE), an independent anime club in the city of Erie, Pennsylvania, dedicated to the encouragement and advancement of otaku culture in the Erie region. ACE meets monthly and runs fun events throughout the year, like cosplay roller skating, anime dance parties, retro video gaming, and cartoon screenings. We’re always welcoming new members! To find out more, visit our page or check us out on Facebook.