Two New PDFs: Elzaya and East Asia

We have two new PDFs for you this week, one Rogues Gallery entry and one for Atlas of Earth-Prime, for Mutants & Masterminds. Rogues Gallery: Elzaya, Queen-Empress of the Infraverse Elzaya is the leader of the Seventeen Worlds, a portion of the Infraverse. She and her forces have come to Earth-Prime to get revenge for war crimes […]

Freeport: The City of Adventure

RRT: Moving Day – Adding Freeport to Other Campaigns

I was chatting online the other day with a GM who is running a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, when she noted that as much as she liked the look of Freeport: The City of Adventure, she was running a game set in another publisher’s campaign world. She felt that meant that as much as she liked Freeport, she […]

Rogues Gallery: The Candy Crew (PDF)

Rogues Gallery: The Candy Crew (PDF)

Today we have for you a new Rogues Gallery issue, The Candy Crew. The original Candy Crew dates back to the late 1960s. A crazy bunch of candy-themed thieves and robbers constantly thwarted by the Freedom League. The current incarnation still has the silly theme, but are much more serious about their crimes. The Candy […]

Ronin Round Table: Launching a New Game…in the Golden Age!

As the Mutants & Masterminds developer, the gaming groups I play with are often treated to sessions of M&M, either to try out some rules or to enjoy some super-hero action. Recently, one of our ongoing non-M&M games was growing a bit long in the tooth and the players asked for something new. After exchanging […]


Blackest Friday DC Sale

  For a limited time, you can order each of the DC Adventures hardback books for just $19.95 apiece, or get all four together for $60! Blackest Friday Sale

Rogues Gallery: The Sportsman (PDF)

Two New PDFs: The Sportsman and Russia & Central Asia

We have two new PDFs for you this week, one Rogues Gallery entry and one for Atlas of Earth-Prime, for Mutants & Masterminds. Rogues Gallery: The Sportsman Trained from birth by his criminal parents, the original Sportsman and Princess Poison, the modern-day Sportsman is dedicated to living up to his parents’ high standards for villainy. Armed with […]

Ronin Round Table: Using Chronicle Creatures in SIFRP

Over the past year-and-change, we here at Green Ronin have introduced a line we call our “Chronicle Creatures” – a series of PDF supplements featuring all sorts of creatures for the Chronicle System, the rules “engine” that powers our A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying. Of course, these creatures are not from George R.R. […]

Rogues Gallery: The House of Usher

The original Raven caused the fall of the House of Usher in the 1960s. Now, the house has risen again—in the form of wholly corrupt and evil teenagers, all of whom are out to make their house and their name great again. Each member has their area of expertise and together they’re planning to make […]

Fantasy AGE Basic Rulebook (Pre-Order & PDF)

Ronin Round Table: AGE Encounters PDFs

Hey folks, Jack here. I wanted to take a bit of time and talk about a series of upcoming PDFs for Fantasy AGE that be coming in the next few months. These are a series of short encounter-based scenarios that GMs can use to jumpstart a session or use to fill in between major adventures. They aren’t […]

Cosmic Handbook (Pre-Order and PDF)

Cosmic Handbook and Harbinger of the Far Tide

Cosmic Handbook (Pre-Order and PDF) Cosmic Handbook is now available for pre-ordering in our Green Ronin online store, or you can get the PDF by itself. If you do pre-order the hardback, when you check out you’ll be offered the PDF version for just $5! To take advantage of that offer, when it pops up make […]

Fantasy AGE

Ronin Round Table: Game Master’s Kits Are Coming!

One of the most common questions we got after the release of Fantasy AGE was, “Are you going to do a GM screen?” At the same time our screens for other games had been going out of the print over the past couple of years. We have not had GM’s Kits for Dragon Age, A […]

Cosmic Handbook (Not final cover)

Cosmic Handbook PDF Preview

The Cosmic Handbook is in the final stages of layout and we’re planning to make it available in PDF form and as part of our Pre-Order Plus program next week! To tide you over, we’ve pulled nine pages from the book to create a preview that includes everything from the complete table of contents to […]

Dragon Age RPG Core Rules

Dragon Age RPG Ultimate Edition: Limited Number Available

The Dragon Age RPG Ultimate Edition is once more available in our Green Ronin Online Store, while supplies last. This limited edition of the Dragon Age RPG Core Rulebook, available exclusively through the Green Ronin and BioWare online stores, features a slipcase with a red leatherette bound book, silver foil stamped, with silver-gilded edges and […]

Supernatural Handbook

Ronin Roundtable: Scared, Hero?

It’s late October, when thoughts turn to the Things That Go Bump in the Night and the variety of Halloween horrors we can bring … not just to parties and film-fests, but to the gaming table. While Mutants & Masterminds might not be the sort of game that immediately springs to mind when you’re thinking […]

Rogues Gallery: Kathryn the Red (PDF)

Two New PDFs: Kathryn the Red and Sub-Saharan Africa

We have two new PDFs for you this week, one Rogues Gallery entry and one for Atlas of Earth-Prime, for Mutants & Masterminds. Rogues Gallery: Kathryn the Red Mystery, New Hampshire has a legend about a headless horsewoman known as Kathryn the Red. She’s a spirit of vengeance from the time of the American Revolution that can […]

Freeport: The City of Adventure

Ronin Round Table: Within the Coils – The World of Freeport Expands

Freeport: City of Adventure is the biggest book Green Ronin has ever produced, and is a huge part of the Freeport Kickstarter we ran. While that Kickstarter still has a few straggling items to be fulfilled (we’re working on the Hero Lab files, the serpentman figure, Return to Freeport, and all the other rewards people […]


BAMF Podcast: Enter to Win Emerald City!

On the latest episode of the BAMF podcast, Mike Lafferty chats with an all-star panel about superhero teams — and they’re giving away a copy of M&M’s Emerald City setting book! Listen for details on how to enter (they tell you in the first minutes, honest). Team Talk on the Bamf Podcast

Cosmic Handbook (Not final cover)

Ronin Round Table: Let’s Get Cosmic

The Cosmic Handbook has been a popular product even before it was on the list of books we were working on. Fans have been asking for it since the second edition of Mutants & Masterminds, so at some point in the last few years, we added it to the schedule, wrote it, and are in the midst of preparing it for release!

Atlas of Earth-Prime: West Africa

Atlas of Earth-Prime: West Africa (PDF)

The Atlas of Earth-Prime heads to the 15 nations that make up West Africa. Inside, you’ll meet the Champions of West Africa, a team made up of heroes from across the region, with members including Exemplar, Jali, Genome, Maitre Aimant, the Futurist, and Fantasma. Together, they protect the region from threats such as King Claw […]

Ronin Round Table: The Care and Feeding of Monster Design

Heya folks, Jack here. I wanted to take a break from working on AGE and Dragon AGE content to talk to you a bit about making your own content for the Adventure Game Engine. Specifically, let’s talk about making monsters. Since the recent launch of Fantasy AGE and Titansgrave: Ashes of Valkana, I get asked […]

Rogues Gallery: Mistress Hyde (PDF)

Rogues Gallery: Mistress Hyde

This week’s Rogues Gallery issue for Mutants & Masterminds is  Mistress Hyde, priced at just $1.95 for a supervillain PDF with a Hero Lab file. A world-renowned pharmacologist looking to create a treatment for neuromuscular disease, Maryann Beswick accidentally inhaled fumes that built up in her system and eventually transformed her from being a kind […]

Ronin Round Table: The Green Ronin Publishing Round Up

The Summit is an annual tradition here at Green Ronin Publishing. Scheduled out for roughly the beginning of the fourth quarter of the year, it’s a time when the many far-flung Ronins converge on Seattle, for several days of planning for the upcoming year, allowing us to brainstorm new products, organize a schedule, and take […]

Rogues Gallery: Mercurial

Two New PDFs: Mercurial and North Africa

We have two new PDFs for your consideration this week, one Rogues Gallery entry and one for Atlas of Earth-Prime, for Mutants & Masterminds. Rogues Gallery: Mercurial Once a driven college student, Glenna Frost was transformed into the highly unstable (in body and mind) Mercurial in an accident at KessKorp. Now Mercurial sows chaos and danger […]

Love 2 Hate logo

Available Now: Love 2 Hate

I love the way… Love 2 Hate is available now! We’re pleased to let you know that Love 2 Hate, A Party Game for Inappropriate People, is now available, both through our Green Ronin Online Store, and through your favorite game retailer. If your store doesn’t have it, please ask them to order it! If […]

Rogues Gallery: IGT-92

Two New PDFs: Tripper Root and IGT-92

Today we present two new PDFs for just $1.29 each, Mountain Terrors: Tripper Root for the Chronicle System, and Rogues Gallery: IGT-92 for Mutants & Masterminds. Tripper Root Not all the predatory dangers of the mountains are beasts and animals. The tripper root grows along narrow paths and beside sheer cliffs, waiting for prey to […]

Mountain Terrors: Thunderbird

Mountain Terrors: Thunderbird (Chronicle System PDF)

Sudden mountain storms may rise up out of nowhere, bringing the possibility of flash floods, mud slides, lightning strikes and similar dangers. Those who know the mountain peaks know to fear these storm, and not simply for the threat they bring: some mountain tempests have at their heart a mighty thunderbird on the hunt, and […]

The Devil's Advocates (Rogues Gallery PDF)

Two New M&M PDFs: Devil’s Advocates and Eastern Europe Atlas

A gang filled with evil bikers blessed with Satanic powers! They spend their time terrorizing decent folk and picking up jobs from more powerful criminal organizations that need a bit of extra muscle. The four leaders of the Devil’s Advocates have serious power with supernatural origins! Get the Devil’s Advocates today—just $1.29! The Atlas of […]

Mountain Terrors: Stonehorn (Chronicle System PDF)

Mountain Terrors: Stonehorn (Chronicle System PDF)

Leaping from impossible perch to seemingly sheer cliff is the stonehorn, a mighty beast that is to goats what dire wolves are to normal wolves. These four-horned, pony-sized animals reach the highest of peaks and consume the salt and other minerals they crave imbedded in the stone of the mountains. Though they are not predatory, […]

Rogues Gallery: S.E.L.F.I.E.

Two PDFs: Snow Eel and S.E.L.F.I.E.

Today we have two PDFs, one Mountain Terrors entry for the Chronicle System, and one for the Mutants & Masterminds Rogues Gallery series. Mountain Terrors: Snow Eel Quiet alpine snow fields may occasionally be disturbed by strange protrusions in sinuous lines, as though something had passed beneath the snow without breaking the surface. The wise […]

Titansgrave: The Ashes of Valkana

“When Can I Get Fantasy AGE, Titansgrave, and Dragon Age Books?”

We’ve been getting variants of this question a lot, so we thought we’d put a comprehensive answer in a single place. For Dragon Age, the answer is easy: it’s in stores now and you can also order it from our webstore. For Fantasy AGE and Titansgrave, the answer is a bit more complicated. Basically, the […]

Rogues Gallery: Alchemistress

Rogues Gallery: Alchemistress (Mutants & Masterminds PDF)

Alchemistress In the last moments of life, the original Alchemistress created a daughter out of pure will and surrounding matter. This daughter believed herself to be a goddess, capable of disassembling and reassembling matter as she sees fit. She wants nothing less than to be worshipped and will stop at nothing to get what she […]

Mountain Terrors: Needle Roc

Mountain Terrors: Needle Roc (Chronicle System PDF)

In the mountain heights hunts the needle roc. Much larger than its smaller eagle cousin, the needle roc is a raptor with a particularly distinctive hunting style: it flies past prey and threats alike, popping the viciously hooked quills along its wings to eviscerate those unlucky enough to have earned its ire. Between its large […]

Rogues Gallery: Tesla Girl

Rogues Gallery: Tesla Girl and Atlas of Earth-Prime: Central Europe

We have two new Mutants & Masterminds PDFs for you today, Rogues Gallery: Tesla Girl and Atlas of Earth-Prime: Central Europe. The mistress of steampunk! The harnesser of lightning! The genius of a new age of technology! And she’s only in grade school! A true super-genius who’s on her way to becoming a serious threat and […]

Mountain Terrors: Mountain Troll (Chronicle System PDF)

Chronicle System Mountain Terrors: Mountain Troll

Dangerous horrors of the highlands, mountain trolls are near-human creatures that live – and hunt – in packs. Aggressive and violent, they have been the death of many a traveling party over the years. Beware the troll-infested demenses of these monsters, for it is almost surely death to enter them. Mountain Terrors: Mountain Troll is a […]

Rogues Gallery: Pandemic (PDF)

PDFs: Jumping Fox and Pandemic

As it does every year, Gen Con has required a bit of recovery time, and this has thrown us off our PDF schedule a bit this week. Today we have two PDFs for you, Mountain Terrors: Jumping Fox for the Chronicle System, and Rogues Gallery: Pandemic for Mutants & Masterminds. Both PDFs are available for just […]

Titansgrave: The Ashes of Valkana

Titansgrave: The Ashes of Valkana Pre-Order and PDF

Live from Gen Con, we are pleased to announce the release of Titansgrave: The Ashes of Valkana in print and PDF format. We are running a Pre-Order Plus special on the book for a limited time, meaning when you pre-order Titansgrave, we’ll offer you the PDF version for just $5 at Checkout. The same deal is […]

Rogues Gallery: Arctic Fox

Rogues Gallery: Arctic Fox

Sold to the Soviet government as a child and experimented on at one of their science cities, the Arctic Fox was transformed into a living weapon. Physically powerful, resistant to harm, exceptionally intelligent, well trained, and utterly ruthless, the Arctic Fox now operates as a mercenary—and has a number of enemies around the world. Get […]

Mountain Terrors: Devouring Shadow

Chronicle System Mountain Terror: Devouring Shadow

Legends say that there is something both horrible and hungry that lives in the mountain peaks. Those who have seen it and escaped suggest that its body remains unseen, although its shadow suggests a carrion bird of great size and two heads. Most who have seen it, however, have not lived to tell that tale. […]

Titansgrave at Gen Con

Ronin Round Table: Green Ronin at Gen Con 2015

  This year is going to be an exceptionally strange and exciting time for us at Gen Con. Not only is Team Ronin headed out in force, but we’re sharing space with Geek & Sundry, highlighting Fantasy Age and Titansgrave: The Ashes of Valkana! We’re so excited to have such great games for Gen Con. […]

Rogues Gallery: Doctor Tectonic (PDF)

Two New M&M PDFs: Western Europe Atlas and Doctor Tectonic Rogues Gallery

It’s two-fer, um, Wednesday at Green Ronin today. We have two new Mutants & Masterminds PDFs available now. Atlas of Earth-Prime: Western Europe This $1.99 PDF for Mutants & Masterminds adds Spain, Portugal, and France to the Atlas of Earth-Prime. Includes write-ups and Hero Lab files for four foes or allies: Sugaar, el Monóculo, Freerunner, […]

Mountain Terrors: Crag Lurker (Chronicle System PDF)

Chronicle System Mountain Terror: Crag Lurker

In the reaches of high crags swept by hot winds, the crag lurker lies in wait. A fierce reptilian predator, it does not discriminate between herd and herdsman, but will feast on both without hesitation. Those who would cross the warm, dry peaks and buttes of the deserts and scrublands must steel themselves against these […]

Blue Rose Wallpaper - Core Rulebook - Tablet

Blue Rose Kickstarter and Dragon Age Pre-Order Both Ending

If you have been waiting to back Blue Rose: The RPG of Romantic Fantasy on Kickstarter, you’re almost out of time. We’ve been knocking down stretch goals left and right, and there are only about six hours left as of this post. The next stretch goal, unlocked at $82,500, is a second side on the poster map, […]

Rogues Gallery: Osprey

Rogues Gallery: Osprey

A man of mystery, the Osprey is a crafty, ruthless predator who methodically stalks and kills “heroes.” He is the anti-Raven—a defender of lawlessness and an enemy of the good. The Osprey is a genuinely evil, cold, and calculating genius who takes pleasure in systematically dismantling the lives of heroes. He’s unlike any foe your […]

Fantasy AGE Basic Rulebook (Pre-Order & PDF)

Now Pre-Ordering: Fantasy AGE Basic Rulebook

You can now Pre-Order the Fantasy AGE Basic Rulebook and get the PDF version for just $5, or buy the PDF on its own. Fantasy AGE is the rules set that powers Titansgrave: The Ashes of Valkana, as well as the award-winning Dragon Age RPG and Blue Rose: The RPG of Romantic Fantasy (now Kickstarting). […]

Mountain Terrors: Cloud Leopard

Chronicle System Mountain Terror: Cloud Leopard

When the bone-chilling mists and clouds descend on the unwary mountain traveler, they bring more than the dangers of cold and lack of vision. Prowling through the mists come cloud leopards a-hunting, their forms indistinct through the deadly fog banks. Mountain Terrors: Cloud Leopard is a bestiary PDF for the Chronicle System, the rules engine that powers […]

Ork! The Roleplaying Game

Ronin Round Table: 15 Years of Green Ronin!

If you asked me where I was 15 years ago on a given day, I’d mostly likely tell you I had no idea. July 13, 2000 though, I know exactly where I was and what I was doing. I was in Columbus, OH for the first day of the Origins Game Fair. I was there […]

Great White Shark

Shark Week! Free Chronicle System PDF: Great White Shark

Shark Week wraps up with a Chronicle System entry, compatible with the Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying Game. And it’s the big one: stats for a great white shark. If you were watching earlier in the week, you’d have seen our devs share another sharky idea for your SIFRP campaign: “Did you know that […]


Shark Week! Free Rogues Gallery PDF: Megalodon

Thursday’s Shark Week freebie is a bonus entry for the Rogues Gallery: a new update of one of Freedom City’s tragic villains. Dr. Connor Kirkstrom is a brilliant man, but knows a savage, remorseless killer dwells inside him. Megalodon the Man-Shark, his bloodthirsty Mr. Hyde, is perversely proud of his place at the top of the […]

Rogues Gallery: Purple Haze and Scarlet Mist

Rogues Gallery: Purple Haze and Scarlet Mist

New today for the Rogues Gallery series of villain PDFs for Mutants & Masterminds, it’s Purple Haze and Scarlet Mist. Experimented on by SHADOW in hopes of giving them powers like the reformed villain, Mr. Mist, the twins now known as Purple Haze and Scarlet Mist were always going to be trouble. Adopted by Mr. […]

#sharkweek Bill Sangapulatele

Shark Week! Freeport’s Tranquil Shark Protection Agency

Shark Week’s Wednesday freebie is the Tranquil Shark Protection Agency from the pages of Freeport: City of Adventure for the Pathfinder RPG. Positioned on the edge of Drac’s End, the oddly named organization exists to meet the security needs of Freeport’s less affluent citizens. Headed by the smiling Bill Sangapulatele, the Tranquil Sharks use martial […]

Mountain Terrors: Avalanche Wolf

Chronicle System Mountain Terrors: Avalanche Wolf

Those who know the mountain heights understand that it is not simply the beasts of the peaks they have to beware of—it is also the dangers of the very land. But even they know better than to cross the path of a hungry pack of avalanche wolves, whose howl can bring the very mountains down […]

#sharkweek Download Shark and Aquaman for Mutants & Masterminds

Shark Week! Aquaman and Shark

Shark Week Tuesday is a DC Adventures two-fer: Aquaman and Shark. Yeah, we know Shark fought with Green Lantern a lot more than Aquaman, but how can we let Shark Week go without sharing Aquaman? (And, honestly, we’re a bit excited about Jason Momoa in the role.) Check out page 268 of the DCA Hero’s […]

#sharkweek Crystal Sahuagin

Shark Week! Crystal Sahuagin for Pathfinder

Here at Green Ronin, we got word that this was Shark Week. We decided to get in on the fun with some shark-related freebies. We’re kicking things off with a creature from the Advanced Bestiary for the Pathfinder RPG. Sahuagin are aquatic humanoids who can communicate telepathically with sharks. Infected by brilliant pestilence, a crystal sahuagin can […]

Mountain Terrors: Alpingast

Chronicle System: Mountain Terrors

Two new PDFs for the Chronicle System, the rules that power our A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying game. Mountain Terrors: Introduction is free, and Mountain Terrors: Alpingast is only $1.29.

Fantasy AGE

[Ronin Round Table] Fantasy AGE: What’s Different from Dragon Age?

Chris Pramas answers the question, “How is Fantasy AGE different from Dragon Age?”

Blue Rose AGE is now on Kickstarter!

Yesterday, Nicole launched the Kickstarter project, Blue Rose: The AGE Roleplaying Game of Romantic Fantasy. Not only were we fully funded the same day, but we have already surpassed some of our stretch goals! We have been so excited to see the response to Blue Rose AGE. And in our excitement, we forgot to write a news […]

Lady Lightning

Rogues Gallery: New Mutants & Masterminds PDF Series!

Today we are pleased to present Rogues Gallery, a new series of PDFs for Mutants & Masterminds Third Edition! Rogues Gallery … villains galore! Each Rogues Gallery entry includes a complete super-villain profile and character sheet with Mutants & Masterminds Third Edition game information. It also includes the villain’s background and various adventure hooks to […]


Ronin Round Table: Titansgrave Character Creation Day

By Chris Pramas Episodes 0 and 1 of Titansgrave debuted on Geek & Sundry last week and we’ve been delighted with the response. After working on this since last year, it was great to see the show begin and the way the community embraced it. For those of you not so familiar with RPGs generally […]

Blue Rose Wallpaper - Core Rulebook - Tablet

Ronin Round Table: Blue Rose

At the risk of boring the audience with back-to-back Ronin Round Tables focusing on Blue Rose, I really wanted to have a chance to say a few words before the Kickstarter for the new edition with the AGE rules goes up. Very soon now we’re going to be in the middle of Kickstarter craziness and, […]

Ronin Round Table: A Field of Flowers

The first time I came out professionally was in a job interview. It was in the early ’90s, and I was in Chicago, at FASA Corporation, interviewing for the job of Shadowrun developer following Tom Dowd’s departure.

Ronin Round Table: Adventures in Television

Hey folks, Jack here. So there’s been a lot of news lately in the realm of DC Comics and television. The finale for Arrow this season is already out with Flash coming soon. Constantine on NBC has ended but rumors of it coming back elsewhere or even crossing over with existing shows abound. Gotham is […]

Ronin Round Table: Age of AGE

So…wow. There’s been a lot of stuff released or announced involving the AGE (Adventure Gaming Engine) system lately. Lot of things going on and it can be hard to keep everything straight. So, for this week’s Ronin Round Table? Let’s recap.

Dragon Age RPG Core Rules

Dragon Age RPG Core Rulebook: Pre-Order and PDF

The Dragon Age RPG Core Rulebook is now available for pre-order (print version) or download (PDF version). Get yours today!

Game of Thrones Season 5 Sale

Game of Thrones Season 5 Sale

Our long nightmare is over, as Game of Thrones returns with Season 5 to drive us all crazy with talk of spoilers and deviation from the novels and when the next book will come out and what’s going to happen once all the characters are dead. To celebrate our collective Westerosian geekdom, we’ve put key […]

Back Team Green Ronin and support Hopelink!

The Gauntlet: Moxtropolis

Team Green Ronin is participating in this year’s Gauntlet fundraising event at Mox Boarding House in Bellevue, WA, on May 16th, 2015, raising funds for Hopelink. Just $3.00 provides a meal for a family of four through Hopelink’s program. Consider a small donation if you can, and please help Team Green Ronin spread the word. Thanks!

Titansgrave Sneak Peek

Ronin Round Table: Titansgrave Details, Writing Team, and More

Last week we were finally able to reveal our role in Wil Wheaton’s upcoming RPG Show, Titansgrave: The Ashes of Valkana. We’ve been working hard on this project for many months and were delighted and relieved for the news to go public. Nicole and I were in Burbank all last week for the filming, so […]

Geek & Sundry

Press Release: Wil Wheaton’s New RPG Series To Use AGE System

Wil Wheaton Is Putting Your Money Where His Mouth Is With New RPG Series Details Revealed on the Highly Anticipated Record Breaking Crowd Funded RPG Show From Wil Wheaton and Geek & Sundry April 2, 2015 – Los Angeles, CA – Just one year ago, Wil Wheaton and the team at Geek & Sundry shattered […]

April Fool and the Fooligans

April Fool and the Fooligans

No foolin’! Steve Kenson created a fun Mutants & Masterminds villain and her gang, April Fool and the Fooligans, and Icons artist Dan Houser illustrated it beautifully. Now it can be yours, for just $1.29. Don’t believe anything else you read online on April Fool’s Day, but this post is actually true. April Fool and the Fooligans

Blue Rose RPG

Ronin Round Table: Blue Rose Returns!

Ten years ago we published Blue Rose, the roleplaying game of Romantic Fantasy. The idea was pretty simple. While Dungeons & Dragons and many subsequent fantasy RPGs drew inspiration from authors like J.R.R. Tolkien, Robert E. Howard, Michael Moorcock, and Fritz Leiber, a different sort of fantasy fiction began to develop in the 80s—what we […]

"Everybody relax, I'm here."

Ronin Round Table: Movies, Plots, and the Art of the Steal

Heya folks, Jack here. So with the winter movie season is winding down, with trailers for next summer’s big films burning up the interwebs, and the various summer movies from this year coming out on Blu-ray, DVD, and on various streaming services, I thought it would be a good time to talk about how movies […]

Dragon Age RPG Core Rules

Ronin Round Table: Discussing Dragon Age

Hello, folks, Jack here. With the Dragon Age new collected core books coming soon I wanted to discuss a bit about what the books are, what they aren’t, and what changes you can expect. First, let’s get this out of the way: This isn’t a new edition. There are a lot of reasons for that, […]

GM’s Day Sale

We have placed selected products at 30% off in our Green Ronin Online Store, to celebrate GM’s Day. Get your favorite Gamemaster something for your favorite Green Ronin game, or find a  Freeport, Dragon Age, Song of Ice and Fire, Mutants & Masterminds, DC Adventures, or Blue Rose book for yourself! Shop the GM’s Day Sale

Ronin Round Table: A Thousand Words

“It’s a beautiful game.” “Take a look at this!” “Have you seen this?” Like it or not, we often do judge books (and games, and other things) by their covers, and their interiors, and by their looks in general. Even the “retro” style game products that deliberately try to look like they were assembled on […]

Dragon Age RPG Ultimate Edition

Dragon Age RPG Ultimate Edition

The Dragon Age RPG Ultimate Edition is now available for pre-ordering from our Green Ronin Online Store and from BioWare’s online store. This limited edition of the Dragon Age RPG Core Rulebook, available exclusively through the Green Ronin and BioWare online stores, features a slipcase with a red leatherette bound book, silver foil stamped, with silver-gilded […]

Now Available: Player’s Guide to Freeport (PDF)

Are you a Freeport Gamemaster and want to be able to share spoiler-free setting information with your players? Or are you taking part in a Freeport-based Pathfinder campaign and want to learn more about the city without ruining anything your GM has in store for you? You need the Player’s Guide to Freeport! You can […]

Bundle of Holding

Bundle of Holding: 4 Days Left!

There are only about three days left in the Designers, Dragons, and More Bundle of Holding. Along with great eBook titles like Designers & Dragons: The 70s and 40 Years of Gen Con, you can get our Hobby Games: The 100 Best in electronic format, too, and all for just $7.95! Beat the threshold price of […]

Dragon Age Core Rules Cover Mockup

Green Ronin in 2015

Hello gamers! It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were waiting to find out if the Y2K bug was going to destroy civilization, but somehow it is 2015 already. This is a milestone year for Green Ronin Publishing. We are now officially 15 years old! It was in February, 2000 that I decided to […]


Green Ronin T-shirt Sale

All t-shirts are on sale in our Green Ronin Online Store! You can save money and sport our classic Green Ronin logo, the “Little Ronin” logo, the classic Mutants & Masterminds logo, or the A.E.G.I.S.* logo (or all four). Get awesome Green Ronin T-shirts at great prices, today! (* “Aegis” is Latin for “shield.” As in […]

Happy Holidays from Green Ronin!

Happy Winter Solstice! (And happy Summer Solstice for you in the Southern Hemisphere.) It’s that time of year, when we let you know that Green Ronin will be effectively closed until Tuesday, January 6. Many of us will be saving the world of Thedas with the Inquisition. Some of us will do it multiple times. […]

Now Pre-Ordering! Freeport: The City of Adventure

Freeport: The City of Adventure for the Pathfinder RPG is on its way to print, and that means it’s now available for pre-order! When you pre-order this massive Freeport tome, you can get the PDF version of the book for just $5! In our online store you’ll be offered the PDF at checkout when you […]

Ronin Round Table: Faces of Thedas

Hey all, Jack here. Hope your holiday season is going well and you’re staying safe and warm. Been pretty crazy for a lot of people this season and here’s to your remainder of 2014 being a good one. With that said, let’s talk about something we’re going to see for Dragon Age in 2015—Faces of […]

Super Holiday Sale!

Want to get some holiday shopping done without leaving the house? Looking to save Earth-Prime while saving some money as well? Excited about Wonder Woman? Or Arrow? The Flash? Gotham? We’ve got just the sale for you! From now through next Friday, select Mutants & Masterminds and DC Adventures products are on sale (30% off!) […]

Ronin Round Table: Playtesting SIFRP

As I’m finishing up the last round of edits for the very large A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying adventure series titled Dragon’s Hoard, I thought I’d talk a little about our playtesters. In an ideal world in which tabletop roleplaying games were one of those massively financed entertainment industries, we’d have a crack […]

Ronin Roundtable: Bring on the Bad Guys!

Villains. What would a superhero game be without them? A lot less interesting, that’s for sure. Super-villains are the primary challenge for super-heroes, apart from stopping disasters and nabbing the occasional mugger or bank-robber. Villains and their schemes drive stories and the rivalries they build up with heroes become the stuff of legend. A hero […]

Ronin Round Table: We Have a Bestiary. And it’s Advanced!

Over the next few weeks, print copies of the Advanced Bestiary are finally going to be getting into the hands of first, the Kickstarter backers, and then a wider audience. This is the first major d20 release for Green Ronin in a long time, and has been one of two things that have taken up […]

Atlas of Earth-Prime: The Mediterranean (PDF)

Our crack team of Super-Geographers is back from a long research mission, having saved the world a few times along the way. Thanks to their efforts, Earth-Prime still turns and today’s Atlas of Earth-Prime issue for Mutants & Masterminds, The Mediterranean, is available now! Once the center of the western world, the Mediterranean is still […]

Ronin Round Table: Threats of Thedas

Hey folks, Jack here. I wanted to take my next few Ronin Round Tables to talk about some of the concepts and new content we’ll be seeing the new collected Dragon Age Core Rulebook. In the spirit of the most recent holiday, I wanted to talk about monsters, spirits, and demons, and how they’ll be […]

Monster Week: Flesh Plant

It’s Monster Week at! Come back every day this week for another free template and monster from the pages of the Advanced Bestiary for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Today’s Flesh Treant sample creature comes with the Flesh Plant template: “Flesh treants are too large to hide successfully from prey, so they employ group hunting techniques. Using animated trees […]

Monster Week: Monstrous Lycanthrope

It’s Monster Week at! Come back every day this week for another free template and monster from the pages of the Advanced Bestiary for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. The Monstrous Lycanthrope template is modeled very closely after the lycanthrope template, but it allows more creatures to gain the template and does not limit the […]

Monster Week: Dread Ghoul

It’s Monster Week at! Come back every day this week for another free template and monster from the pages of the Advanced Bestiary for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. What fuels the nightmares of the mountain folk? Today’s Dread Ghoul template also brings us the Ghoul Lord Frost Giant sample creature: "A blight on the […]

Monster Week: Dread Spectre

It’s Monster Week at! Come back every day this week for another free template and monster from the pages of the Advanced Bestiary for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. The White Lady is a classic of horror fiction, and today’s Dread Spectre template brings her the tabletop: "In life a woman of noble birth who spent her time […]

Monster Week: Plague Bearer

It’s Monster Week at! Come back every day this week for another free template and monster from the pages of the Advanced Bestiary for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Today it’s the Plague Bearer template with the Plague Bearer Vargouille sample creature: "Plague bearer vargouilles are often used by those evil creatures that wish to […]

Ronin Round Table: A Supernatural Opportunity

It’s the week of Halloween here in the States, which means it’s an opportunity for kids of all ages to put on costumes and do a bit of LARPing! Okay, not quite, but it’s pretty close. Actually, what Halloween means to me as a GM and gamer is that it’s the perfect time of year […]

Dragon Age Set 3 Preorders Currently Shipping

If you pre-ordered Dragon Age RPG Set 3, the guys in the warehouse in Indiana have either already packed and shipped your order, or are working hard to get it on its way to you. Because we use an outside company for our fulfillment and shipping, when an order is listed "fulfilled" in our online […]

Ronin Round Table: Chris Pramas on Upcoming Releases

As the last quarter of 2014 is upon us, I thought this would be a good time to update you all on the status of some of our announced books. Our release schedule has been something of a moving target this year for a variety of reasons, but many long simmering projects are either finished […]

Ronin Round Table: A Chronicle of Sorcery

Recently, we launched the Chronicle of Sorcery, a 48-page PDF detailing a system of player-controlled magic for the Chronicle System, the game engine that powers A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying. Low Fantasy Sorcery While it would have been easy enough to put together a system of sorcery in which the magician hucks fireballs […]

Ronin Round Table: The Food Trucks of Freedom!

We take our inspiration from all kinds of places, particularly real life, working events, people, places, and ideas from our own experiences into our fictional work and our games. Take Freedom City for example, in addition to being a love-letter to many of the things I treasure about superhero comics, Freedom City features a number […]

Chronicle of Sorcery PDF Now Available

Today we present Chronicle of Sorcery, now available for sale in our Green Ronin Online Store. When darkest sorcery and the mysteries of magic are laid bare, such power will shake the lands themselves. Chronicle of Sorcery is a supplement that details the core mechanics for magical power into any game powered by the Chronicle […]